Two Sides to Every Coin: Ashita no Anime Turns One

While the last two weeks have been desolate in terms of religion-related posts across the anime blogosphere (hence my lack of typical Friday linking posts), one important related item popped up today.  Ashita no Anime, a blog whose author (Alexander) often gives a view quite divergent of that typically provided in aniblogging posts, turned one year old today.

Happy anniversary!

For those that don’t know, Alexander is an atheist and as outspoken about his belief as I am about mine.  We’re quite the opposites in the that way, which is why it may be a little strange that we’ve become friends.  While I’m glad to call a number of anibloggers my friends, it’s he, along with R86 (of this blog), that I correspond with on the most consistent basis.

Our relationship is a model of one of the things we hope to do on this blog – create a place where people of all religious backgrounds and beliefs can discuss their views.  While all the writers here are committed Christians, we aren’t fuddy duddies – we want to engage others and see them for who they are, instead of labeling them and moving on with our lives.

But back to Alexander – in addition to the wonderful, consistent work he’s done on his blog, I’ve been fortunate enough to enlist him for a couple of pieces here: his Aniblogger Testimony and a co-authored piece on Kamisama Dolls.  These are two of my favorite posts.  He has also inspired a number of others.

So, please head over to his blog if you get the chance and congratulate him on the work he’s done this past year – and expect more wonderful things to come from Ashita no Anime!

About TWWK

TWWK, known to outlaws and lawmen alike as Charles, lives deep in the heart of Texas, where he drives cattle and boot scoots (not really - though he does sport a pair of rattlesnake boots). Somehow in this frontier, he also finds time for his wife, children, and church. Oh, and anime, too.

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  1. As always, thanks for the support.

    In you helping me achieve my goals I’ve helped you achieve yours. That’s pretty cool. I hope we can both have another successful year.


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