A Little Background

It is now twelve years into the 21st century.  If one theme connects people all over the world, it is that very idea of connection.  Gone are the days of the pony express, and even of letter writing.  Many of us no longer even have landline phones.  We grow up and live in societies which stress communication and availability of that communication – we want to know whatever we desire, and we want to know it now.

As our consumption of knowledge grows, so does our consumption of information from international sources.  Anime was once on the fringe, but with the accessibility provided through the Internet, and with nerd culture going mainstream, anime has exploded as a phenomenon that appears to be here to stay.  An art form far different from almost anything produced in America, anime represents a country (Japan) which is dramatically different from this one.  One particular difference has to do with ideas of spirituality and in particular, the religions which dominate each country (Christianity and religious pluralism v. Buddhism/Shintoism and atheism).  But can Christian spiritual ideas be found in anime, where it’s very rarely intended?  Are those ideas worth exploring?

Beneath the Tangles, which is named for a line in the Lifehouse song, “Cling and Clatter,” strives to make connections between anime and Christian spirituality.  Through reviews, analysis, interviews and other methods, this site will unveil the invisible God in an art form almost never meant to show Him.  The writers welcome those of all faiths (and those of none) to explore these connections with them.

In Other Words….

In short, our blog explores the connections between Christianity and anime.  Before you roll your eyes, we understand anime is not a Christian art form – far from it.  And yet, it’s a medium which expresses ideas connected with Christianity.  There’s much to learn.

If you’re not sure where to start, please visit this post, which tells what we purpose to do.  Alternately, here’s a sampling of some posts which which show what we do on this blog:

On another note, two of our beautiful banners were graciously made by Marina of Anime B&B, and another was edited from the work of Tosh.

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