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Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Choosing Anime Over Jesus

2DT wrote a wonderful post about the common separate between anime fans and religious folk on his blog.  Referencing my anibloggers and religion survey from last year, he discusses the idea that it seems most anime fans simply aren’t interested (or are even against) organized religion.  2DT postulates that a reason for this is that there are “so many more exciting fictions” available than those presented in the Bible.

Please take a look through the comments below the survey.  It was exciting for me to read commentary by some of my favorite bloggers and commentators, Christian and otherwise.

Ave Fabulae: Looking for the God of Anime Fandom

More Like a Tin Roof Sundae

Are Christianity and anime two forms that are so different, they can’t be successfully combined?  Should one even try?  In a post that largely focuses on the anime and religion survey conducted here a while back, The Angry Otaku writes that it’s like putting soy sauce on ice cream – the two just don’t taste right together. 

By かもしかやしゃもじ (Pixiv) - Ice cream AND a Christian anime character - see what I did here?

The Angry Otaku’s post is really thoughtful and intelligent.  But even with his excellent post, I think there’s more to be said on the subject.  Well, of course I do – my whole blog is about the convergence of anime and Christian spirituality! Read the rest of this entry

Aniblogger Testimony Project

My palms were sweaty.  My heart was thumping.  My face was looking straight down.  I stuttered, “ummed,” and “uhhed” through it all, but when I was done, I felt good about what I’d said.

It was the first time I’d shared my faith with a non-Christian.

Today, I’m less nervous when I share my faith (probably more a function of all the public speaking I’ve done rather than of the times I’ve actually given my testimony), but I still get some jitters.  Religion is a profoundly personal thing, and as such, when it comes under criticism (as few things are critiqued as much as religion), we can easily be hurt or offended.

anime prayer

Picture by みかみ (Pixiv user #17297693)

A major goal of this blog is to promote open, safe, and personal discussion about religion.  A partial result of the aniblogging and religion survey I conducted was the promotion of this blog as place where individuals could discuss religion in an open, safe, and personal manner.  But the survey itself was cold and impersonal.  It gave numbers – and numbers hardly ever reflect real people.  When someone tells me that thousands died in the Japanese earthquake last week, I’m saddened; but when I hear the personal stories of individuals affected by the earthquake, I’m changed.

As such, I’m taking the survey a step further.  Some respondants left their contact information in their survey forms, allowing me to message them and discuss further.  I asked some of these respondants (and others I’ve corresponded with) to present mini-testimonies.  Every Thursday over the next few weeks (starting next Thursday, March 24), an aniblogger will talk about their personal faith.  These posts will be widely varying on topic, not only because of the mix of religions (and non), but also because these posts are fairly open-ended.  The only connecting points are anime and religion.

Here’s the roster (I’ve purposely left off their faiths; you can discover them through their own posts): Read the rest of this entry

Anime and Religion Survey: Conclusions

So, after all that, what does it all mean?  I’ve given some analysis of the results in each of this week’s posts, and many of you have contributed thoughtful comments and additional breakdown.  As a whole, though, here are some of thoughts about what the survey revealed:

The Aniblogging Generation
The aniblogger sample for this survey was young and educated, and had varied backgrounds and religions.  I understand that a group of anibloggers does not serve as an accurate sample of young America at large…but then again, perhaps it can in some facets.  Drawing from my experience as a teacher, through online interactions over the past 15 years, and through other social interaction, I think I can say that the aniblogging population is similar to the thinking, leading, opinionated young people in America today.  Of course, differences abound from region to region, neighborhood to neighborhood, and across cultural and other boundaries, but still, I think you can find people that are like this population in most every high school and college.

anime computer typing

These young people largely lack an organized religion that they are connected to.  Many are, in fact, anti-religious (often a source of turmoil at home).  Read the rest of this entry

Anime and Religion Survey: Anibloggers and Christianity

While I’m open to exploring all sorts of religious connections to anime and manga on my blog, my focus is on Christian spirituality.  I’m a Christian, and so I was very interested in how anibloggers felt about the faith.  As I mentioned earlier this week, 1/4 of survey respondents identified themselves as Christian, much lower than the national average (and even compared to the world as a whole – there are approximately 2 billion Christians worldwide).  Let’s see how this mixed group responded. Read the rest of this entry

Anime and Religion Survey: Spirituality in Anime

Anime is almost never a proselytizing tool.  So, it’s no surprise that religion usually doesn’t take the forefront in anime series.  Even when religion plays a major role, it’s typically bended and used for aesthetic or plot reasons (ex. Evangelion) by the series animators.  Still, it’s ever-present in anime, as religion is deeply imbedded in the country’s culture. 

Today, we’ll look at four questions from the survey which address religion in anime. Read the rest of this entry

Anime and Religion Survey: Religion of Anibloggers

What do you believe?  Is there a God?  What is your faith?  Do you have a faith?

I wanted to know how the aniblogging community would respond to these questions.  About half of all respondents were either atheist or agnostic, with responses split exactly evenly between the two.  In other words, 49% of respondents don’t believe in a god or are unsure about a god’s existence.  If one combined the respondents who declared themselves Catholic, Christian (Protestant), Orthodox, and non-denominational Christian as one group, 35% of anibloggers believe in the Christian religion, which would be the highest percentage of all.  Within that group, most were either Protestant (20%) or Catholic (10%).  Read the rest of this entry

Anime and Religion Survey: Introduction

In mid-December, I conducted an Internet survey regarding anime and religion.  The results are in, analysis done, and conclusions drawn!  Over the next week, I’ll reveal the results and discuss some of the most interesting items from the surveys.  I hope you’ll join in the discussion and offer your own opinions, analysis, and critiques.

The first thing I want to note, and maybe the most important thing I learned in this process, is that the anime blogosphere is full of wonderful people.  I was overwhelmed with the response to the survey and the many encouraging words about it.  Connected through blogs, twitter, podcasts, forums, emails and other methods, anibloggers have formed a digital family, and it showed through your response to this beginner’s crude survey.

Thank you.

And a special, super-duper thanks to Lauren of Okatu Journalist, who along with her boyfriend, took much of their precious time to create the awesome infographics you’ll see in these posts.  I’m beyond grateful to you two!

Another thing I should note is that there were many who were unhappy with the survey – some were vocal in their dislike, while I’m sure others held back their displeasure.  I’d written up a large commentary about problems with the survey, but I think it’s better just wrapped up with a couple of words:

I’m sorry.

For any people who were angered by my wording, lack of wording, disorganization, leading questions, and so forth, I’m sorry.  Whether I intended these things to happen or not, and whether I have experience with surveys or not, I should’ve considered these issues before sending out the survey en masse.  My apologies.

Now, onto the results!  Each day this week, I’ll discuss a different aspect on the survey and give you some analysis.  Again, I encourage you to comment with your own takes.  Today, I just want to discuss demographics information from the surveys.  If you want to hear about all or most of the results, please read the Number, Numbers, Numbers section.  If you want the short of it, just skip ahead to The Skinny.  And please be sure to read my conclusion section, What It All Means, and comment on whether I missed the point entirely, if you think I need to make some additions, or otherwise how you would break down this information. Read the rest of this entry


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