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Welcome Our Newest Co-Blogger, Kaze!

I’m really proud of the group of writers we have here on Beneath the Tangles.  Of varied backgrounds and experiences, they represent the blog well and are better writers than I am.  And although I was actively looking to a new blogger to the group, I connected with Kaze and it seemed clear to both of us that he was meant to join our ranks.  Please welcome him!  You’ll get a taste of his unique perspective on Wednesday, when he’ll be sharing his first post, a very personal one.

In the meantime, get to know Kaze a little more through the Q&A below:

TWWK:   How did you become a fan of anime?

Kaze:  I originally watched childhood classics such as DBZ, CCS, Kenshin, and Gundam Wing. The first Japanese-dubbed anime I saw was probably Love Hina, and from there I moved onto very standard gateway anime: FMA and the big 3, and I really enjoyed them so I looked for more; before I knew it, I was keeping up with anime that was currently airing and here I am now.

TWWK:  What are your favorite types or genres of anime? How about favorite shows?

Kaze:  I’m willing to watch almost anything as long as it is legitimately good, but as far as favorite genre, it’s definitely romance. ef~A Tale of Memories and its sequel is still one of my favorite shows. Bungaku Shoujo is another one of my favorites, and I’m sad to see it only get a movie and a few OVAs. Other favorites include Nanoha, Katanagatari, and Hunter x Hunter.

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