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Manga of a Young Girl: Anne Frank in Japan

There are hundreds of Holocaust organizations in the United States and perhaps thousands worldwide.  Through my job, I stay in contact with many.  Still, I was surprised to see a mailing at work for the Holocaust Education Center, Japan (HEC), headquartered in Fukuyama-city.  I was even more surprised to read one of their newsletter stories, revolving around an Anne Frank manga:

HEC has presented 1,200 copies of the comic book, “Anne Frank” to schools in the three prefectures of Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima of the [2011 earthquake] area…Anne Frank wrote in her diary about her desire towards peace, and wishes for a long life, and also the wish for working for the mankind.  HEC hopes that children in those areas will receive hope and courage through this book.

A very small illustration was included, which I unfortunately couldn’t find in better quality online.  From what I gather, the manga was originally published by Shueisha in the late 90s, but an updated version was released in 2011 with more contemporary images than the original (below).

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