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Anime and Christianity

While many don’t have issues viewing anime, some Christians may.  Christians parents, particularly, may find it difficult to give anime a chance, especially when it conveys ideas and plots that are both foreign and devoid of Christianity.  Further difficulties arise depending on one’s perspective when viewing media.  However, there are very definitive bridges that can be built between anime and Christian spirituality.  Today, Chelsea Machiela, whose work I’ve linked to before, delivers a guest post about bringing together the two.

Anime, over the years, has created quite a reputation for itself. As the brush is painted too wide, and lines blur between happy magic and dark witchcraft, many don’t know what to do about the oncoming wave of an anime-obsessed teen generation. For some, that wave is small and harmless, for others it’s a deadly tsunami.

Legalism also sneaks it’s way into the balance. Many of the things, it concludes, originates from something evil. One must not forget that God can redeem anything as His. Many people have fought a winning battle to prove this.

Although it can sometimes be overlooked, there are many Christian references in anime, if not a complete, blown out exhibit. Just like C.S. Lewis’s “Narnia” series, there are some animes that use nearly the same representation.

Fruits Basket

Connections between Fruits Basket and Christianity are plentiful (Art by ゆや)

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