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Medaka Box: Kindness is stronger than anger.

Truthfully, I find it hard to write about a series like Medaka Box. From even before it aired, one could already tell this anime was going to cater to fanservice. Yet, this series first caught my eye with its sharp and flamboyant art style, as well as the fact the manga was written, though not drawn, by light novel author Nisio Isin (Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari), so I decided to give it at least a first episode watch; maybe it would have an okay story.

Now, I avoid excessive sexual fanservice like the plague. I’ve never seen any worth in it at all, nor in any of the series that use it to attract fans. Yet, Medaka Box didn’t annoy me, despite having more than a little sexual fanservice (that was caused by the main character, as you can probably judge from her picture). In fact, even in spite of this, I found the main character quite interesting and rather noble.

Medaka Kurokami, of course, is our main character. She definitely has a enough huge presence to be a main character, as well as the fact she’s….well, she’s made out to be perfect. I recall reading a blog post about halfway through the series airing, complaining about Medaka being such a perfect Mary Sue character. And in truth, she is painted in that light.

Not only is she the student council president, but she is talented in EVERYTHING it seems, from martial arts to swimming, to having the perfect body and perfect personality.

Actually, her personality is what is the most interesting. It’s seemingly impenertrable. Nothing can phase her with her through the roof self esteem and she’s outgoing towards everyone.

Yet, while the show does appear to be all about her, it’s really about how everyone is affected/changed by her. Read the rest of this entry

A Spirit Fruit That Cannot Be Abolished: Gentleness and Andromeda Shun

But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law. […] But the fruit of the Spirit isgentleness…; against such things there is no law.

— Paul the apostle, Galatians 5:18, 22, 23

I doubt that there are very many people who like violence or enjoy fighting. But when I encounter a character in an anime that is about fighting, who stresses repeatedly that he’d rather not fight, I can’t help taking notice. Such is the case with Andromeda Shun of Saint Seiya, the character whom I like to call the “reluctant warrior.”

The original artists of this 1986 series purposely gave Shun a rather effeminate appearance, with the result that there is essentially no family resemblance to his older brother Phoenix Ikki. Although I always found this annoying, perhaps they made the decision to depict Shun in this fashion in order to stress the gentle spirit that he consistently displays, even in fighting scenes. I think if Shun expressed it in his own words, he might say something like this: “I am a reluctant warrior, but I am still a warrior. I wish to hurt or kill no one, but the chains of Andromeda bind me to my calling.” This kind of gentleness cannot be abolished, and is one of the fruits of the Spirit, these supernatural manifestations of God that empower individual believers to surpass their limits in loving and serving others. Against such things, as the apostle Paul put it, there is and can be no law.

Pink is the new blue, so I hear.

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