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When Our Opinions Run Counter to the Culture (Otherwise Titled: K-On! and Hunger Games Suck)

Whenever an anime or other piece becomes enormously popular, there’s generally a reaction against it.  In the case of mediocre or poor works (is it too easy to use Twilight as an example?), the backlash can be overwhelming.  In the anime community, there’s inevitably at least one strong blogging or reviewing voice speaking out against almost every popular show.  And possibly no show had as many vocal detractors (and fans) in recent years as a certain group of musical girls.

Cool K-On

Art by Stephie915

K-On! is Really, Really Awful…

At least that’s what many viewers think.  As for myself, I simply found the show boring, though I loved the music and animation (re-watching the Christmas episode was an absolute chore).  But I wonder if those that speak so strongly against this really, really inoffensive show are fighting more against the phenomenon of K-On! rather than the show itself. Read the rest of this entry


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