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Cross Game of Love, Part I: Playing Games

Like many of us, I have a laundry list of anime to watch.  So this past week, I dived in.  For whatever reason though, I decided to try a show that wasn’t on my checklist.  And so, I began Cross Game, not knowing much about it and in fact confusing it with a much older show, Touch (I found out several episodes in that Mitsuru Adachi created both).  I’m late to the party, but I’ll still declare it an amazing show.  It’s become one of just a handful of my very favorites (most episodes are available on Hulu and Viz Anime).

Created and used with permission by nuriko-kun

Although oozing with baseball at every turn, the story is, of course, more about relationships than sport.  And as the story barrels toward its conclusion (though in an understated way), the emphasis is on romantic relationships.   As a married man with children, who has been in relationships that were both in tune with American culture and east Asian culture, and with Christian emphasis and without, I felt that I could give a slightly different perspective on a few themes (two today and two on Friday) that popped up in the show.  Warning: spoilers ahead!  Read the rest of this entry

Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: What Price Fandom?

A question nagging my heart lately is one that every fan faces at one time or another with serious contemplation, a passing thought, or somewhere in between.  I’m talking about the question of whether or not it’s right to watch fansubs.  Arguments are strong on both sides, and to tell the truth, I haven’t sat down and worked through this issue myself.  I also don’t want to to be influenced much by others’ opinions, coming to my own conclusion without outside bias.  To me, it’s a heart matter – a matter of character and deciding to follow through what I believe in.

However, it can also involve other considerations.  I ran across an interesting post by Ed Sizemore, a reviewer at Comics Worth Reading.  On his personal blog, Sizemore discusses the idea in terms of fandom.  The posting also has spiritual inclinations, has he discusses the idea of love, partly in terms of the famed I Corinthians 13 definition (on a side note, this is my favorite chapter from the Bible and the one my pastor discussed at my wedding).

It’s an interesting article and one that I think will ruffle some feathers.  Please take a read:

An Eddy of Thought: What Price Fandom?


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