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Attack on Titan: Straight from the Old Testament

I’ve been totally floored by Attack on Titan, the new series this season about GIANTS.  Although our own Goldy wrote about the series’ potential, I wasn’t prepared for how riveting, exciting, and frightening this show would be.

Among other things I missed?  The connection to religion in the first two episodes (what do I do on this blog again?).

Justin, who has been comparing the manga to the anime, pointed out connections to religion in episode two, particularly.  Noteworthy is the street preacher who is entirely absent from the manga and the frightened people who call out to God as they witness the horrible events happening to their village.

The connection that stands out most though (and why shouldn’t they?) is the giants themselves.

Shingeki no Kyojin giant

Art by 大汐

Giants are the stuff of legend.  They are the enemies in fairytales (“Jack and the Beanstalk) and stuff of children’s nightmares (BFG).

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Of Kami and Buddhas: Domo, er….Shalom?

The Old Testament concerns itself, largely, with the story of the interaction between the 12 tribes of Israel and their God.  This is oversimplifying the matter, but when the Assyrian Empire conquered Israel, ten of the twelve tribes of Israel were lost to history.  Today, we refer to these tribes as the “Ten Lost Tribes.”

Recent scholarship and speculation has led many to believe that perhaps one or more of the tribes scattered to the east; some may have ended up in Japan. 

That’s right – many Japanese people may be of Jewish descent.

I came across a video from an investigative Japanese television program.  If you’ve ever seen Asian programs of this sort, they’re terribly entertaining, but must be taken with a grain of salt.  “Oooohs” and “aaaaahs” often cover a lack of hard evidence.  Such is the case with the following videos.  They make connections between the Israelites and Japanese based on a number of similarities, including: Read the rest of this entry


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