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TWWK’s Top Anime of 2012

2012 is ending in a whimper, at least for me, as there are few series I’m absolutely loving this fall.  That seems to apply to the year as whole.  Looking back at my list of best anime from 2011, there were a number of series that jumped into select company among my very favorites, including Hourou Musuko, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Usagi Drop, and Mawaru Penguindrum.  I had yet to see Steins;gate or the first season of Fate/Zero at the time of that posting, but they would have been included in the group as well.

Because of the lack of great series this year, I’m not giving as many shows on the following list.  I dropped dozens of series this year, too; they didn’t interest me enough to continue watching, failed to keep my interest for the entire season (ex. Accel World and Eureka Seven Ao), or were dropped for other reasons.  I also want to note that didn’t see a number of critically acclaimed series this year, skipping out the likes of Space Brothers, Jorgumand, Kimi to Boku and the latest Natsume Yuujinchou,and stalling on Psycho Pass.

And because I didn’t complete too many shows in 2012, this end-of-year list functions more to show my favorites than those I judge the best.  Let me know your favorites in the comment section below.

Merely Okay: 3 to 4 Stars

Little Busters

First, the bad: the series has been, well, boring.  It also has way too many girls who act like they have some psychological condition.  Luckily, the show has been trending upward lately, and I’m eagerly anticipating the second season.  There are also some fun characters (mostly male). Read the rest of this entry

Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Fairy God Mother, Sinful Anime Characters, and Religion in Haibane Renmei and Kids on the Slope

Processr shares his background with religion as he explains the criticism of the topic in episode ten of Humanity Has Declined. [Anipulse]

A number of other bloggers also touch on “Watashi as God” in this episode, including Tenchi, Draggle, and Guardian Enzo.

Scamp’s post on last week’s episode of the same series examines the meaning behind the “religions are invented” quote from the show. [The Cart Driver]

In his analysis of You’re Under Arrest, Medieval Otaku relates the complexity of characters to human sinfulness. [Medieval Otaku]

Draggle continues to delve into Christianity as he blogs Kokoro Connect, pointing out the idea of repentance as expressed in episode nine. [Draggle’s Anime Blog]

Sweetpea participates in the Aniblogger Interrogation Game and includes an answer related to her personal spiritual beliefs.  I wonder who posed the question… [Paper Chimes]

Alexander provides some analysis of the religious theme of Haibane Renmei in his sparkling review for the series. [Ashita no Anime]

Speaking of positive reviews, Sweetpea gives a strong final rating for Kids on the Slope, though she bemoans how religion is used in an on/off manner in the show. [Paper Chimes]


As part of the Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere series of posts, each week, Beneath the Tangles links to writings about anime and manga that involve religion and spirituality.  If you’ve written such a piece or know of one, please email TWWK if you’d like it included. 


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