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Fruits of the Spirit: The Kindness of Vash the Stampede

It’s your kindness, Lord
That leads us to repentance
Your favor Lord, is our desire
It’s your beauty, Lord
That makes us stand in silence
Your love
Your love
Is better than life

“Kindness” (Chris Tomlin)

As we continue with our Fruits of the Spirit series, this week I get to ruminate on what is perhaps the most easily understood fruit – kindness.  We’re all intimate with this action, through our demonstration of it, through reception of it, and sometimes through lack of experiencing it.

When we act in kindness, we’re showing love to another.  But the word carries an additional connotation; it seems to be intertwined with the idea of grace.  Kindness is loving another, whether or not they deserve it.  In fact, kindness is so moving, sometimes, because it’s unexpected.

There are many anime characters that demonstrate kindness, but one stands above the rest.  In a harsh world whose violence resembles the wild west as much as the garb of it’s citizens, lives one who is unnaturally kind.  The man in red, Vash the Stampede, first appeals to us through his goofy humor and superhuman abilities.  But as Trigun wears on, we come to love the show’s hero because, without fail, he always tries to act for the good of others.


Art by syuku@ツイッタ自重しる

Vash’s kindness is unusually strong.  This defining characteristic becomes ingrained in him because of a model in his youth.  Rem, the older sister figure in his young life, taught him by example to love without borders, without regard for how others treat you, and in fact, to show kindness in all circumstances – even in the face of death. Read the rest of this entry