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Something More: Modoka > Jesus Concludes

After last week’s barrage of spiritual articles, this week has been much slower.  Still, a few terrific articles were posted, as Alexander of Ashita no Anime concluded his Madoka > Jesus series.

Alexander claims that Jesus creates some kind of co-dependency as a savior, which Madoka does not. [Ashita no Anime]

He concludes by emphasizing that God is tyrannical, which Madoka is not. [Ashita no Anime]

I highly recommend you read through Alexander’s series, which is quite thought-provoking.  His tone may be off-putting (I’ll admit, I didn’t comment on a number of posts because I felt too emotional to leave comments due to how Alexander references Christ at times), but it’s one that has led to some good debate.  And as such, I recommend, also, that you read the comments following the entries as closely as the post themselves.


As part of the Something More series of posts, each week Beneath the Tangles links to writings about anime and manga that involve religion and spirituality.  If you’ve written such a piece or know of one, please email TWWK if you’d like it included. 



Something More: Madoka v. Jesus, Kirino Acts Like a Christian, and Christ the Stampede

It was quite a week for spiritual and religion tinged articles in the anime blogosphere, headlined by Alexander’s still on-going series entitled, Madoka > Jesus.  Here are his posts thus far:

Nick Calibey responded to Alexander’s post with his own article. [A Rather Silly Blog]

Stardf29 reviews episode 3 of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet and makes connections between the importance of “thank you” and life lived less legalistically. [A Series of Miracles]

D.M. Dutcher compares Kirino’s treatment of her otakuness in Oreimo to how Christians often treat their faith. [Cacao, put down the shovel!]

In another post, he makes some great comparisons between the humorous hero, Vash the Stampede, and Christ, as well as to scenes in Trigun: Badlands Rumble and the “problem of pain. [Cacao, put down the shovel!]

Dutcher also advises Christians in his reviews of Aoi Sekai No Chuusin De and season one of Oreimo.

Japes, who guest-blogged for us earlier this week, is off and running on his own aniblog, beginning with an introduction of his theology. [Japesland]

Japes also brings his faith into a defense of Vocaloid as an artistic expression. [Japesland]

Medieval Otaku points out Christian theology and themes in his review of several manga, including Superior and Vinland Saga. [Medieval Otaku]

So…the Jesus and Buddha characters of Saint Young Men are now being used to market fashion merchandise.  Interesting. [Anime News Network]


As part of the Something More series of posts, each week Beneath the Tangles links to writings about anime and manga that involve religion and spirituality.  If you’ve written such a piece or know of one, please email TWWK if you’d like it included. 

Something More: Madoka > Jesus?

A prime goal of this blog is to encourage open discussion about faith, using anime as medium through we can ask questions, give answers, and promote knowledge and understanding.  I’m thankful that our posts here recently had some role in encouraging Tommy of Anime Bowl to write an article about how Madoka is lacking as a Christ figure.  And inspired by Tommy’s post, our old friend Alexander, who has contributed plenty to Beneath the Tangles by bring a very different viewpoint to user comments, guest posts, and cooperative posts, is beginning a week long series focusing solely on this idea: why Madoka is a better savior than Jesus.

Interesting topic, huh?

He’ll be posting daily this week.  Please visit Ashita no Anime to read the first of his posts, and return throughout the week to comment on others:

Madoka > Jesus – Human vs God

Something More: Faith is a 3-D Girl, Saint Young Men Movie Trailer, and Madoka is Not Jesus

D.M. Dutcher mentions Please Save My Earth in his article about the realness of Christ and his time on earth [Cacao, put down the shovel!]:

To end with an anime analogy. as much as it would be easier to be, our faith isn’t a 2-D girl. It’s always 3-D, with all the same issues and all the same joys.

In another article, D.M. Dutcher gives Haganai an NC-17 rating according to his movie rating scale for Christians. [Cacao, put down the shovel!]

Medievalotaku asks questions about prayer and atheism in his review of Banner of the Stars II. [Medieval Otaku]

The full trailer for the Saint Young Men movie posted this week. [Anime News Network]

And finally, in case you missed it in my Wednesday post, Tommy explains why the comparison between Madoka and Jesus may not be a terribly fitting. [Anime Bowl]

3-2-1 Contract! Making a Deal With the Devil

Unless you’re Charlie Daniels’ Johnny, making a deal with the devil probably won’t turn out too good for you. The idea of making a pact with the devil, or a devil figure, is prominent in works of fiction, anime included. Series like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Black Butler, and Code Geass (if you count C.C. as such a character) focus on this idea.

The most obvious recent example may be the deals between the magical girls and Kyubey in Madoka Magica. Kyubey fits well into the idea of a devil figure – like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, he is convincing and single-minded. He is also not what he seems, perhaps beckoning to the idea that Satan was once an angel.

Kyubey devil evil

Art by Siv

The idea of selling one’s soul to the devil is more explicitly explored in Me and the Devil Blues, the intriguing title by Akira Hiramoto. The work runs with the legendary idea that Robert Johnson, one of modern history’s most influential musicians, made a deal with the devil. I haven’t read it, though it’s been highly recommended. My guess is that all doesn’t turn out well for Mr. Johnson, who died well before his time.

This fantastical idea of physically meeting the devil seems like a fable to us. Like miracles, such meetings are often deemed to the past or at least, aren’t expected by a modern crowd. Even so, there’s strong application here for lives of Christians. Perhaps none of us will be confronted by the devil incarnate, but like Kyubey, he works his schemes in a way that pulls at our desires and wishes.

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