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Something More: Giant Christian Robots, Jesus Anime App, and The Curses of Magi and Little Busters

What do mecha tells us about the Christian faith?  Quite a lot, actually. [Cacao, put down the shovel!]

Ty-chama addresses Old Testament generational curses, and how Little Busters and Magi demonstrate that we can overcome our lots in life. [Watashi wa Bucho!]

Tsunderin points out Hindu allusions in her review of the 3 x 3 Eyes manga. [Lady Geek Girl and Friends]

“My Last Day,” the anime short about Jesus, is now available through the YouVersion Bible app. [Examiner]

Inushinde discusses the lack of subtlety in the portrayal of the church in episode 9 of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. [The Cart Driver]

D.M. Dutcher includes notes that my be of particular concern to Christians in his review of Venus Versus Virus. [Cacao, put down the shovel!]

A Guide to the Guides: Fall 2010 Anime Series

It’s seems like every other anime blog is discussing the upcoming shows for the fall season.  And so they should – most are premiering in October, just a few weeks away!  While I don’t have the inclination, time or skill to do any sort of preview guide, I’d like to list the series I’m looking foward to and give you links to what I feel are some of the blogosphere’s best preview guides:

Preview Guides

  • The Cart Driver
    Do you like pretty charts with short but excellent summaries of the shows?  Look no further than The Cart Driver, one of the best anime blogs on the Internet.  These charts are a quick way to get a grasp on the tons of new shows out this fall season.
    Grade A for easy access, graphic imagery, quick reading
  • T.H.A.T. Anime Blog
    The folks at T.H.A.T. have created a terrific fall guide, giving strong summaries of the upcoming shows, providing additional information (like those involved in the productions) and providing some insightful and fun comments by the bloggers.
    Grade A on fun-viewing, in-depth previews, additional information
  • Random Curiosity
    This guide is simply one stop shopping.  If you really want to dig in, looking up various sources about new shows, watching trailers, and reading about all sorts of information, go to this impressive preview.
    Grade A on covering everything but the kitchen sink, nice charts
  • Neko Pan
    Although created months ago, this handy guide provides some pieces that the other don’t.  It gives video previews and premiere dates in addition to the typical information.
    Grade A on youtubing and logistics
  • Major Arcana
    Short sypnoses and quick comments mark this website’s preview.  The blog’s writer is excellent, and it’s a good place to visit if one is seeking informed and thoughtful opinions on the new series.
    Grade A on insights and purty-ness
  • Ani No Miyako
    Focusing on a handful of the series, this site gives in-depth commentary on the blogger’s expectations.  Agree or disagree, they provide insights on the some of the most-anticipated fall series.
    Grade A on depth and organization

Other Preview-related Site

  • Moetron
    The post linked above provides an easily-accessable chart for the the premieres this fall.  This is handy for anyone looking to already shore up their watching schedule.

Keep reading to see what shows I’m looking foward to.