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Christian Seiyuu: Michie Tomizawa

As I’ve emphasized in the past, Japan is by no means a Christian nation.  Estimates place the country’s Christian population at around 1-2%.  So it’s no surprise that the anime industry employs only a handful that openly claim to be Christian.

But there are a few.  The most famous might be Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow (who may no longer be of the faith).  Another is semi-retired seiyuu, Michie Tomizawa.  A relatively cursory search led to a writing Tomizawa gave about her faith, and I’m elated to share this with you.

Michie Tomizawa does little voice acting these days, but she was once very active.  Among her most noted roles are Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon and Linna from Bubblegum Crisis.  She retired before marrying in 2002, but still occassionally lends her voice.

Michie Tomizawa

She also seems to be an outspoken Christian.  An unknown individual did some research, discovering a testimonial Tomizawa wrote in her church’s newsletter.  He or she also found and translated an essay Tomizawa wrote under her married name, Michie Itou. Read the rest of this entry

Interview with Singer and Voice Actress Cait Plage

On March 29, artist, songwriter, and worship leader Cait Plage is releasing All We Have is Now, her new EP.  The release “shares what God has placed openly on her heart.”  Cait describes herself as a bubble-tea-sipping singer-songwriter who once voiced Japanese anime and loves a good seaweed salad.”  I was blessed to have an opportunity to correspond with her about music, faith, and anime.

Cait and one of her favorites, Yuna