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Finding the Invisible God in…Eden of the East (Part 4)

From the impression given by its title through to the very end of the series (at least thus far), Eden of the East conveys strong Christian symbolism.  Months after I drew allusions between three of the Seleção in the series and Biblical individuals (Shiratori and the adulterous woman, Mononobe and Lucifer, and Takizawa and Christ), Funimation’s recent stateside release of the third Eden of the East movie, Paradise Lost, leads to one final strong parallel – that of heroine Saki and Christian believers, particularly those who knew Jesus in 1st century Palestine.

Air King

Art by *けかん

To examine how Saki is similar to Christian believers as a whole, it’s imperative that we discuss whom they (and she) believe in – Christ and Takizawa (Note: Plentiful spoilers for the movie abound in this post).  Although I compared the two before, as mentioned above, this movie emphasizes the similarities between the Humble Savior and the crazed genius that is Takizawa.

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Review: Eden of the East – The King of Eden

Eden of the East DVD cover

Eden of East – The King of Eden
Funimation Entertainment
82 minutes


It’s been six months since the attacks on Japan failed, and Takizawa is nowhere to be found.  Saki travels to New York to find him, but meanwhile, time stands still for no Selecao.  The game to become Japan’s savior is still on-going, and Selecao from the past and ones unfamiliar are hatching dangerous plans, all involving a certain amnesiac.


It’s almost inevitable that with a strong, multi-layered series, there is going to be a section that is heavy on plot and character development, but not so much on action.  In the Harry Potter series of books and films, the fifth, Order of the Phoenix, fit right into this category.  But you know what?  Despite a lack of excitement, both the book and the movie were darn good.

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Finding the Invisible God in…Eden of the East (Part 3)

My final selection for this weeklong series on analyzing Eden of the East characters through the lens of Christian spirituality will come as no surprise, nor will the the comparison I make.  Akira Takizawa is unmistakably similar in character to Jesus Christ.   And while the savior motif is extremely common in anime, Takizawa’s connection to that savior in particular is uncanny, on both surface and deeper levels.

Akira Takizawa Eden of the East

Source: Pivix Member 4713223

In Eden of the East, this theme begins with Juiz’s words:

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