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Untangled: What Series Should We Be Watching?

From out ask the staff mailbox, we received this email from Tsurugiarashix of KaminariAnime:

Since I am nowhere near a proper computer, I thought I would write in from my phone to ask if anyone on the team has watched Uta Kata? I recently seen the series before leaving on my trip and absolutely loved the coming-of-age/mahou shojou template, but also has some nice religious subtext and allegory mixed in. Really great for older viewers such as myself.

This is no Modaka, but I am undoubtedly sure you will find its connections to not only Christianity, but also other walks of spiritual living, coming-of-age ceremonies, and ideas. (I.E: process of liminality, etc) .  I was planning on releasing my post and review for it before I left home, but did not happen, so I will gladly like to hear what the Untangled team thinks about it.

While none of us have yet seen Uta Kata, because of Tsurugiarashix, it is now on our radar (and I do plan to watch it as soon as I can).

Are there other anime or manga with strong Christian themes that we haven’t blogged about yet?  What other series should we be watching?

Let us know in the comments below!


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