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The Peacemaker: Yukine Miyazawa

credit goes to 藤枝ひろ

One of my favourite minor characters from the anime of Clannad was Yukine Miyazawa. All through the first anime, I was wondering if she had a back-story, or would get any more depth put into her character.

Although Yukine never seemed to me to be the most special or interesting character in Clannad, she was definitely one of the kindest, and her sleepy-eyed look and calm attitude was always sweet to see. She never seemed bothered or irritated when Okazaki and Sunohara came to the reference room for advice.  She was definitely willing to help absolutely anyone.

Of course, in After Story it is shown that she is far less care-free than her sweetness lets on. We discover that her influence reaches much, much farther than the walls of the reference room. Her kindness is sought out by not only the students of their school, but by members of the two rival gangs of the city, one of which her older brother is the leader. Read the rest of this entry


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