What Do You Need a Retreat From?

Tomorrow, I’m off to a retreat with my family (and with my church family).  Each year, we go as a time to get away from the busyness of life and to relax, socialize, and learn.

anime prayer forest
Art by しずるぎ あくあ (Pixiv)

Retreats, of course, are present in a variety of settings and for various purposes.  My question to you is, What do you need to retreat from?  Is there something from which you could use some relaxing time away?

I’m eager to read your answers – when I get back, of course.  I’m going electronic-free on this trip. 🙂


3 thoughts on “What Do You Need a Retreat From?

  1. Ah, retreats are always good times. I went on a few back when I was in school. Allows you to get away from things sometimes, or just to get new experiences 🙂

    As for anything I could use some relaxation time away, it’s probably from applying for jobs every day. Hopefully I can find something so I don’t have to keep doing this so much D:

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