Five Tips for Beginners of Dragon Ball FighterZ

My Five Tips for Beginners


  1. Use the Tutorial: You should go to this first once you start the game. I believe the game takes you through it anyway, and yes it can be somewhat long, but it’s worth it. The tutorial teaches very well and holds your hand so once you come out of it, you feel ready to take on a challenge. I wouldn’t try out the online challenges yet, because you will be facing players who already know the ropes and you might get discouraged by the losses.
  2. Select the right teamDragon Ball FighterZ allows you to choose three characters. If you aren’t sure how your team plays, I recommend going to the Practice area in the lobby when you start the game. It’s on the bottom left. Try their moves, specials, and get used to moving around, jumping, blocking and switching out.
  3. Sparkling Blast is your friend: When you are down to your last character, there’s a move called Sparkling Blast which gives you a boost of health. It begins recharging your meter even when you are taking hits. You can use it anytime, but the best time is around the end of the match.
  4. Vanish like a ninja: Just like in the anime series where characters disappear and reappear using Instant Transmission or just being very fast, you can use that to your advantage. Try using it when you are stuck in a corner or just can’t a hit in. It will help disorient the other player and gives you an opportunity to counter.
  5. Tag out quickly: Battles can get so fun that you forget you have two other characters, and then you lose one because you didn’t switch fast enough! When you tag out, the previous character gains health depending on the amount that is red in their bar. Keep an eye on your energy and tag out so you can recharge!


Dragon Ball FighterZ can be a tough game to master and it is challenging, but it’s so much fun once you get the hang of it. Each character has his or her own way of playing, the music is reminiscent of the series, voice-overs in both languages sound fantastic, and the animation looks exactly like the anime. It’s a game made for fans, and I am still enjoying it!

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