Best Anime of 2019

Best Anime of 2019: The Promised Neverland

A surprise? Maybe it shouldn’t be! The Promised Neverland was similar to Demon Slayer in these regards: It was heavily promoted, highly watched, and well-regarded for its story and production. But it had an even stronger following that Demon Slayer in the run-up to the series; it was also very well-adapted—the direction was spot-on, exciting when necessary, spooky when needed, and always unsettling. It also produced one of the most shocking scenes of the year (the climax of the initial episode), three heroes for the ages, and crossed over and bent a number of different genres.

The Promised Neverland might also be our favorite anime of the year, at least if we’re judging by the number of posts we wrote about it. Thathilomgirl dug deep, writing about each episode from a manga reader’s perspective, while Twwk jumped in each week as a newbie. Each of us found the show exciting and well-made—and it’s apparent that many, many of you did as well.

That’s a wrap! Thank you to all who voted this year—it was certainly a tough choice. A number of the other nominees that I didn’t mention were well-deserving, too, feeding the opinion that 2019 was a wonderful year in anime. Here’s hoping 2020 is full of great shows as well!

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