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While we’re not actively looking to add writers to our staff, we are open to pitches for guest posts! We’re looking for pieces by Christians who are interested in writing about anime, manga, light novels, or visual novels, with or without an emphasis on faith. Submissions should compel readers to think critically about the topic and perhaps about their own thoughts, motivations, and faith, or otherwise engage them through thoughtful analysis, interesting visuals, or witty, creative, and humorous writing.

Examples of such articles might include, “How ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ Became an Anime Hymn,” “Gojo is a Better Kakashi Than Kakashi,” “Eternal Hope in Fruits Basket,” and “Asta’s Journey of Humility.” We are not looking for reviews or more surface-level pieces.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest piece, please start by emailing Twwk (beneath.the.tangles AT gmail) a pitch of no more than 100 words, to include the topic and your planned analysis, along with links to other articles you’ve written, if any.

Thank you for considering us as the landing spot for your work, and God bless!

Featured illustration by 千夜QYS3 (reprinted w/permission)

3 thoughts on “Write a Guest Post for Beneath the Tangles

  1. I’ll leave it here that I’d like to see a post on anime, idolatry, and the warping of gender preference. Others have noted that most anime tends to bash males and demean them. Heck that’s the case in many first world countries. Second, there is an overemphasis on beauty, which moves society towards femininity and the exposition of the female body, as if Venus came down. I find that males who watch too much anime idolize the female body, struggle with forming and keeping healthy male-female relationships, and even wrestle with their own gender identity. That’s the spark notes.

    Aside, glad to see you’re still pumping out content TWWK. Blessings on you this year.

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