About the Writers

In 2010, Charles Sadnick (TWWK) founded Beneath the Tangles to explore the connections between anime/manga and Christian spirituality. But he hasn’t been the only contributor to the blog. During the course of 2011, over a dozen other writers contributed guest posts.  And soon afterward, several co-bloggers joined the team, to which another five were added in January 2015. In 2016, Charles moved on to focus on family and ministry, and a leadership team under Japesland took the lead, before Charles returned the following year. Today, the following members make Beneath the Tangles possible:



TWWK – Director

TWWK (Charles) is old. He has a wife and children, and is a professional historian and director at an agency in the thinks-much-of-itself state of Texas. Cutting his teeth on Toonami, Studio Ghibli, and Evangelion, Charles would still rather watch an episode of Maison Ikkoku than new anime series, but manages to find one or two to his liking each season.


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The Staff:

Annalyn – Writer

Annalyn, known as Alexis to the outside world, is a lifelong lover of fiction. Growing up, books kept her attention, but anime stole center stage halfway through high school. If she isn’t consuming, writing, analyzing, or thinking about some form of story… she’s probably distracted. But she might be running, editing, or hanging out with family.

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CutsceneAddict – Writer

Casey hails from the land of absent-minded professorism where things that can be analyzed… will be over-analyzed. An INTJ and self-proclaimed connoisseur of chocolate, tea, and sushi, Casey spends her free time cosplaying, writing, gaming, philosophizing, editing articles for Geeks Under Grace, squinting at strange words, and watching Corgi videos.

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Emdaisy – Tech Support/Writer

Emdaisy1 is currently a full-time programming student in college. When she’s not in school or working she enjoys gaming, watching anime, reading (be it manga or novels), and partaking of other various geeky hobbies. When asked for a favorite game, book, or movie, she will probably answer with a vague “It depends on my mood…”

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SpinesOfGoldenGoldy – Writer

Goldy is an illustrator who loves anime almost as much as she loves creating awesome pictures. While originally a shoujo fan, you’ll find her sailing with pirates, solving mysteries, saving the world, and hunting vampires quite often.  When not watching anime or drawing, Goldy enjoys collecting books (and reading them!) and long walks in the snowy winter.

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new-japes1Japesland – Writer/Twitter Guru

JP is an aspiring businessman and linguist in the land of Japan. His tastes are always in a state of flux, but he enjoys anything with an emphasis on characters. His obsession with Japan carries into most of his interests, from books to television to video games and more. In his free time he likes to pose with bunny ears for caricatures.

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JoshWJoshW – Writer

Josh’s academic perambulations have taken him from the isle of English literature all the way over to the distant realm of Biblical criticism by way of philosophy and theology. When not geeking out over those subjects he can often be found geeking out over video games, science fiction, and all things animated.

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new-lynnaLynna – Writer

Lynna is an aspiring author who always seems to be trying to find a balance between writing and the turmoil of life. She lives in the western side of Canada, which could mean anywhere really.  She also enjoys singing, drawing, and brilliant stories that hold her attention for weeks.

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Medieval Otaku – Writer

Medieval Otaku is essentially a bookworm.  His greatest loves are writing, anime, literature, history, religion, and foreign and ancient language, especially Japanese, Latin, and French.  He hopes to become a full-time novelist one day, though each day offers endless ways to distract him from this happy goal.

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Manga_Avatar_MRNMRNewman – Writer/Twitter Guru

Matthew Newman is an environmental engineer (Professionally licensed in Maryland). He’s also a husband, beard aficionado, Dad of four beautiful children, blogger, and all around geeky guy from Baltimore County. When he’s not chasing his kids or working, he’s probably asleep.

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R86 – Writer

R86 is a chemistry professor, which is the sort of job that probably made you stop reading already. He teaches organic chemistry at Texas A&M University. In his spare time, he enjoys music (flute/saxophone/clarinet and MIDI/Vocaloid synthesis), watching anime, and travelling to Japan as cheaply as possible.

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Samuru – Writer/Facebook Guru

Michael is a teacher who is a life long gamer. When not conquering distant world’s via console, he can be found reading, watching anime or Netflix, writing, or just enjoying life as a geek in the city. He aspires to travel to Japan and possibly…never leave.

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Stardf29 – Writer

Frank is known as “stardf29” on various parts of the Internet; it stands for “Star Defender 29”, which is something he came up with during his chuunibyou years. Now, when he’s not doing things for the Navy or indefinitely delaying his writing projects, he likes engaging in anime, especially of the slice-of-life sort.

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