Become a Co-Blogger


We are currently packed to the brim with writers – far more than I ever anticipated this humble blog would have.  As such, I’m no longer accepting unsolicited applications.

However, if you feel that God is leading you to be a writer here, I’m open to having a conversation about that.  Please email me and we can chat.  I’ve kept a link to the application form below as a further step in the process if we both feel God leading you to this blog.

Though I may not be accepting any co-bloggers at the moment, I’m open to the possibility of contributors, those who submit pieces from time to time without official being part of the team, and possibly a columnist, though that position has some heavy requirements.

As a note, I don’t want to discourage you thinking of joining the blog.  My (email) door is always open, so please contact me if you’d like.


While Beneath the Tangles is not currently soliciting additional bloggers, we are always open to individuals who would like to apply to join our team.

What would you get out of it?  Beneath the Tangles can’t (and never will) have a large readership, but it does have a consistent one and has etched a space into the anime blogosphere.  Your posts would be read by a variety of individuals and you would have the opportunity to partner in what I believe is a ministry.  You’ll also have the opportunity to eventually shape the direction of this blog.  Read the About page for more information on what we do here.

The biggest qualification is that all co-bloggers here need to be Christian – your denomination or church does not matter, as long as you share some basic beliefs with me (included in the application form below).  Bloggers must beyond reproach (with an understanding that we all goof up) in their actions.  Also note that I don’t use foul language, avoid talk about sexual topics, and generally try to avoid judgment and unjust criticism on this blog, as well as other online social outlets.

Content-wise, we’re of course looking for good writers.  Grammar, mechanics, and sentence structure are lower level concerns that can be proofread and corrected, so don’t worry if you aren’t, say, a perfect speller.  But we do want writers who understand higher order concerns like introductions and conclusions, main ideas, content development, word usage, and organization.  We’re all developing as writers, though, so take this all with a grain of salt.  Even if you’re not the bees’ knees (<– Geico – ha!), experience will help you develop.

You can apply for either of these positions:

  1. Editorial writer:  Most entries on Beneath the Tangles are in editorial fashion, in which we basically comment about shows and ideas without specifically describing an episode.  All posts need to have some connection to Christian spirituality, though the audience you address and the explicitness with which you mention such topics can vary widely.  See this post by R86 for an example of discussing a Christian topic with little mention of the faith.  We would require at least two posts per month from you.
  2. Episodic blogger:  Goldy is our current episodic blogger, but more always welcome.  You would blog about one series per season, writing approximately one post per episode.  Episodic blogs usually summarize events in the episode and give analysis and personal reaction to it.  Screen captures are also included.  Again, Christian ideas, themes, and symbols would need to be included (if possible) for these posts.  You and TWWK would decide together which series you would blog on each season.

Blogging and making a commitment to blog may make you nervous, but please, don’t feel that way!  We’re here to help you and, hey, you’re largely anonymous on the net!  Plus, this is a chance for you to participate in ministry that also involves a favorite form of entertainment.

Please do the following if you’re interested:

  1. Fill out the coblogger app.
  2. Provide me a sample post you would like to do or have done (an editorial for the editorial position and an episodic post for the episodic blogger position, sans screen caps).
  3. Pray about joining us in this ministry.

Email all material to me at beneath (dot) the (dot) tangles (AT) gmail (DOT) com.