The sheer amount of anime and manga-related sites and blogs can be overwhelming for anyone looking to dive into the medium.  And for Christian particularly, it can be hard to discern which sites are credible and which might align with one’s worldview.  The links below are divided into two sections – those that are Christian-related and those that are general anime sites.  We recommend all these sites and blogs, though for different uses and audiences

Anime and Manga Sites

General Resources

The following sites and resources are excellent for looking up general information about anime and manga and/or to read about latest news and developments.


Although it’s origins are with illegal streaming of anime, Crunchyroll has gone on the up and up and is perhaps the major source in America for legal streaming of anime, including those currently airing in Japan.  It also has a lively forum community and presents frequent news items and articles.

Anime News Network

The old guys on the block, Anime News Network was once the only show in town when it came to news updates and editorials.  Although there are more sources available now, ANN continues to be a destination for those seeking up-to-date information on anime and manga.

Anime Planet

Although there are other similar sites, like My Anime List, in which one can easily find encyclopedic information about series and record their own viewing/reading lists, Anime Planet is a favorite of our editors because of it’s unique design, friendly staff, and recommendation structure.


For quick summaries of current series and countdowns of when these series will air in Japan, visit AniChart, a handsomely arranged and informative site.


AnimeSuki continues to be perhaps the largest online forum of English-speaking anime fans.  Though the typical immaturity should be expected, as with any forum, it remains a strong place to connect with other otaku.


Christianity and Manga


Blogging remains an important written form in the anime community, where fans are able to express their views of and provide reviews for anime and manga series.  There’s a burdgeoning group of blogs that largely focus on presenting their views from a Christian perspective, which I’ve listed first below, in alphabetical order.  Those are followed by blogs written by Christians which don’t do the same on a regular basis, but still function as excellent sources for Christians who want to investigate anime.

Other blogs with some Christian content:

Other Websites

Christian Anime Alliance

Possibly the most readily identified Christian anime site on the Internet, CAA has many Christian-focused reviews of anime and manga.  It also has a very active forum.

Jesus Otaku

A California ministry spreading the love of Christ through cosplay and other events.

Let’s Love Japan

This amazing site’s goal is to reach out to the Japanese by creating a mobile website with animated stories and other tools.  Among their current projects is an anime about Jesus.  Very cool.

Manga Hero

This Catholic-run organization creates excellent original English-language manga that focuses on biblical stories and those related to biblical themes.