Ask Sensei! School Life Edition

The start of a new term seems to bring a fresh start for teachers as well as students. It's an opportunity for all of us to be honest about what hasn't worked so well in the past, while still retaining habits of mind and lifestyle that we have found helpful. For us teachers, it's always… Continue reading Ask Sensei! School Life Edition

Ask Sensei (Happy 2018 Edition)

For academics, the end of the term is pretty much the storm before the calm before the storm. Once we're done grading final exams and establishing grades, our lives are suddenly quiet until the beginning of the next term. (glances at Shiraishi-kun's empty chair) We might almost say "too quiet," until we remember that everyone needs… Continue reading Ask Sensei (Happy 2018 Edition)

Ask Sensei! Decemberween edition

Welcome back, class. I trust by now you're all recovered from your respective Thanksgiving feasts. Here I have the handout that I promised to -- what's that, Takasaka-san?... (notes empty desk in the front row) Why yes, you're quite right. Shiraishi-kun seems to be absent today. I suppose it's just as -- I mean, I hope… Continue reading Ask Sensei! Decemberween edition

Ask Sensei! Magical Girls and the Thing About Anime

Welcome back, class. It's nice to see most of you so alert and prepared this morning. Most of you, that is. (unobtrusively but firmly kicks Shiraishi-kun's foot under his front row desk, startling him awake) This last month, we had a couple of questions come to us via Facebook. Joshua asks: "[W]hat about thoughts on anime… Continue reading Ask Sensei! Magical Girls and the Thing About Anime

Hakase ni kikimashou! (Let’s ask the professor!)

My voice on this blog is different from those of my colleagues here at Beneath The Tangles, though then again we are all of us very different from one another. I discovered anime as an adult well into my 30s, only because my students kept talking about this anime thing and I wondered what it… Continue reading Hakase ni kikimashou! (Let’s ask the professor!)