The Top Five Final Fantasies

In lieu of my usual attempts to wrest theological insights from video games, I thought that this time around I'd post a top five list of my favourite Final Fantasy titles, and use it to showcase some of my bad fan art. It's a series I've been a big fan of since since my early… Continue reading The Top Five Final Fantasies

Top 5 (+Guest): Favorite JRPGs

Welcome back to the Beneath the Tangles Top Five! It has been a while since we have done this, but once again, we are back with more lists of our favorite (or least favorite) things! While past lists have focused on anime and manga, this time we are looking at video games, which have been… Continue reading Top 5 (+Guest): Favorite JRPGs

Top 5 + Guest: Favorite Seiyuu

Why do we love anime? That's a question that probably isn't easy to answer for most of us. There are so many wonderful aspects of the medium that draw us in - among other things, the animation, story lines, culture, characters, music, and voice acting. Though there are a lot of excellent actors here who… Continue reading Top 5 + Guest: Favorite Seiyuu

Top 5 + Guest: 5 Best Popular Anime Series

There's a not-so-invisible chasm on the Internet between folks who tend to mostly watch popular series - such as those that air on American television - and viewers who watch a wider slate of shows.  Unfortunately, I think the latter group sometimes comes off as snobby (oh, your favorite series is Naruto, huh?), even though… Continue reading Top 5 + Guest: 5 Best Popular Anime Series

Top 5 + Guest: Best “Morally Gray” Anime

I'm often asked to give recommendations for anime I think people should watch.  While that's a simple request, the answer is maybe a little more complicated for myself and our writers at Beneath the Tangles.  We have series that we think are beneficial for our readers to watch; those that are both beneficial and entertaining;… Continue reading Top 5 + Guest: Best “Morally Gray” Anime

Top 5 + Guest: Most Overrated Anime

There are a lot of really great anime out there.  There are a lot of really bad series, too.  And then there's that subset of anime that are held in high esteem, but don't deserve all the praise or popularity that they receive.  For our Top 5 + Guest post this month, we're tackling those… Continue reading Top 5 + Guest: Most Overrated Anime

Top 5 + Guest: Five Best Anime EVER!

If you were to try to create an objective list of the greatest anime of all time, what would you put in the top five?  Fullmetal Alchemist, perhaps?  Mushi-shi?  And would Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke be the Ghibli representative on the list? It's an impossible task - there are so many great anime and it's… Continue reading Top 5 + Guest: Five Best Anime EVER!

Top 5 + Guest: Our Favorite Anime Openings

More and more effort and money seems to be put toward anime openings (OP) these days, but more than ever it's striking when an opening strikes such a chord that viewers will watch it each week instead of skipping.  For the winter 2015 season, the Death Parade OP foots the bill - frankly, it's probably… Continue reading Top 5 + Guest: Our Favorite Anime Openings

Top 5 + Guest: Our Favorite Sports Anime

free anime team

It looks as if sports anime are in a revival these days.  Yowamushi Pedal, Free, Haikyuu!, Baby Steps, and Ping Pong are among very recent (and very well-reviewed) sports series, and though very different in tone from past classics, continue with some of the same addicting elements that draw people to these shows, like the… Continue reading Top 5 + Guest: Our Favorite Sports Anime