Surrendering is Day by Day — For Otaku AND Christians

When I was first introduced to Genshiken, I was told that the series was really good, but that the content might not be for me. It was a good way to prep me for the series, which follows a group of otaku in the Genshiken club, a college organization in which the members revel in… Continue reading Surrendering is Day by Day — For Otaku AND Christians

Interview: Jesus Otaku and the As You Are Artbook

There's a growing interest in how to minister to otaku, both here and abroad. Often painted in a broad stroke with comical or pitying tones, anime fans are far more than their image conveys; they are a complex and diverse group of individuals. Jesus Otaku is a ministry birthed out of Saddleback Church that is… Continue reading Interview: Jesus Otaku and the As You Are Artbook

Something More: God Moments, Kanon Angels, Identity in Cosplay and Resurrections

Konnichiwa my fellow anime fans, this is Samuru with your latest Something More entry! We did not post one in December of 2016 since we had our 12 Days of Otaku Christmas, so this one will be longer than the previous one. I did my best in discovering articles that would interest the readers of… Continue reading Something More: God Moments, Kanon Angels, Identity in Cosplay and Resurrections

TangleCast 17: The Convention Experience – US vs Japan

This week, JP (Japesland) facilitates a discussion between Casey (CutsceneAddict),and Kaze, who compare their vastly different anime convention experiences across the Pacific. Many American anime fans know what to expect at an anime convention Stateside, but what differences are there with conventions in the land of their origin: Japan? As always, every episode of The TangleCast will be covering… Continue reading TangleCast 17: The Convention Experience – US vs Japan

TangleCast 10: Crossplay

This week, JP (Japesland) and Casey (CutsceneAddict) share a discussion on an interesting and oft-ignored topic in the otaku world: crossplay. Don't know what it is? Well be sure to take a listen as Casey explains its place in the anime community and con scene, and also provides an argument for why those who raise their eyebrows might want… Continue reading TangleCast 10: Crossplay

A Christian Guide to Comiket

Summer Comiket 86 has come and gone. While for last Comiket, I wrote a personalized post about my first experience, this time I decided to take a more streamlined and general approach. Comiket, as most of you probably know, is the largest otaku convention in Japan, and subsequently, the world. With roughly 170,000 people attending… Continue reading A Christian Guide to Comiket

Jesus Otaku: Ministry for Anime Fans

Anime Expo is always a crowded, good time, filled with fun events, including the Masquerade, a competition featuring choreographed, costumed performances.  Beforehand, groups are able to play a short introductory video.  For one group, cosplaying as Magi, that video gave them an opportunity to showcase their message: You are loved just as you are. Based… Continue reading Jesus Otaku: Ministry for Anime Fans