Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Episodes 1-3: A Determined, But Narrow Outlook

What if magical girls were real, not in the sense of actually being magical, but as an elaborate marketing strategy?Action Heroine Cheer Fruits takes place in a world where this has not only happened, but became a trend so popular that most districts already have their own local heroine. An exception is Hinano, a city… Continue reading Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Episodes 1-3: A Determined, But Narrow Outlook

First Impressions: Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

Yushi Inaba and a Yokai

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou) is a new anime series this summer based on a light novel series of the same name. The story follows Yushi Inaba, a teenager entering into high school. After his parents passed away when he was in middle school following a vehicle accident, Inaba moved in… Continue reading First Impressions: Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

ACCA: The Gift of Being Trusted

ACCA 13 ku

The final episode of ACCA was not without it's flaws, but it did release the mysteries it had been holding at last. As expected, Jean Otus had his own plans, showing the true nature of his character. Although it may not have been what some members of ACCA wanted, Jean makes a difficult decision that… Continue reading ACCA: The Gift of Being Trusted

ACCA: Hope Despite Uncertainty

ACCA 13-ku

Only one episode remains in ACCA. The story has come so far, and although some of the recent episodes have been weaker, there’s still a lot of potential for a satisfying conclusion. There is still one more episode to go, and if feels like we know so little. The ending looms uncertainly, but Jean has… Continue reading ACCA: Hope Despite Uncertainty

ACCA: The Cost of Trust

Despite what people believe about happy endings, whether they think they’re the paragon of a good series or trite and boring, they can be done well. They have come to be what we expect in all stories, even if they are poorly written. As we now arrive at the point leading to ACCA’s conclusion, it… Continue reading ACCA: The Cost of Trust

ACCA: The Effects of Isolation

It’s hard to trust people when everyone is only trying to fit into a collective. If people change when they are around others, how is anyone supposed to know who anyone else really is? Because of their lack of trust, they all keep their true thoughts and opinions to themselves. But this only puts them… Continue reading ACCA: The Effects of Isolation

ACCA: Truth Never Hides Forever

We live in a complicated world where truth is often uncomfortable and so everyone is always trying to hide it. But such efforts are often only temporary, and sooner or later the truth is going to come to light. I am so glad that we’ve finally come to the point in ACCA where the truth… Continue reading ACCA: Truth Never Hides Forever

ACCA: The Slow Revelation

It’s difficult to tell a good story with a slow pace. It’s even harder when life itself feels like an overly busy slow-paced story where the major events are few and far between, and the only upside is that there’s plenty of delicious bread. But sometimes those moments that seem anticlimactic are the catalysts for… Continue reading ACCA: The Slow Revelation

ACCA: A Person Caught Up In Things

One of the strongest feelings I get while watching ACCA is that none of this can last. The characters are living relatively peacefully for now, but eventually the sinister plots will come to light and everything will turn sideways. None of that has happened yet, though, and even though we don’t know the true extent… Continue reading ACCA: A Person Caught Up In Things

ACCA: A Hidden Spark

For all the talk of uprisings in ACCA, what we’ve seen of Dowa kingdom has been very peaceful and fortunate. Certainly, there is a sense of unease, and we know there are greater events stirring behind the scenes, but the nation seems to be doing well overall. But in this time of tranquility, the people… Continue reading ACCA: A Hidden Spark