Anime March Madness 2017: Finals

It has happened - we are down to the last two. The finale of our Anime March Madness bracket. On the one side, we have last year's winner Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. On the other side, we have recent smash hit ERASED. Which will be Beneath the Tangles' reader's favorite series? Vote below or using this… Continue reading Anime March Madness 2017: Finals

Anime March Madness 2017: Round 4

BTT's Anime March Madness is now down to our final four anime series after an exciting third round. The remaining shows are:   Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Cowboy Bebop My Hero Academia ERASED A link to the full bracket can be found here. If you are ready to vote, you can do so at this link… Continue reading Anime March Madness 2017: Round 4

Anime March Madness 2017: Round 2

After an exciting, controversial, and very close first round - we are on to the Sweet Sixteen anime series in Round 2 of our Anime March Madness. Based on your votes last week, the current bracket is as follows. Any surprises? Anyone you are still excited about? Vote now to get your favorite series on to… Continue reading Anime March Madness 2017: Round 2

BtT Anime March Madness: Victor

After multiple rounds of battle, we finally have our first ever winner of our anime March Madness. In a final vote of 58% to 42%, the winner is... Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! Thank you all for voting. Let us know what you thought of the tournament, what you would change for next year, and feel free… Continue reading BtT Anime March Madness: Victor

BtT Anime March Madness: Finals

We're down to our finals of our Anime March Madness. The two remaining series are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Steins;Gate. FMA:B has been crushing each of its opponents in round after round, while Steins;Gate has been having close matches, but successfully winning - the most recent being a one vote win over Cowboy Bebop in… Continue reading BtT Anime March Madness: Finals

Holy Week 2016

Today, Palm Sunday, begins the tradition of Holy Week, the week preceding Easter Sunday. Beneath the Tangles is no stranger to celebrating this time of the year. In fact, since 2014, we have given Holy Week some sort of anime-related theme, including our Noragami Easter in 2014 and our Visual Art's/Key Easter last year. This… Continue reading Holy Week 2016