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Anime Today

Japes explores currently airing anime, drawing connections from themes and ideas in series and their episodes to Christian living.

Posts every other Wednesday

Throwback Thursdays

Zeroe4 revisits anime from yesteryear, looking at characters, themes, and other elements that make these shows worth a second look.

Posts every other Thursday

Something More

On most Fridays, Beneath the Tangles links to articles written the past week that connect anime to spirituality.

Posts every Friday


Light Invades Darkness

Yuki-Anne in Japan

Of Kami and Buddhas

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  1. I didn’t know where to post this but if you haven’t watched School Live I have to recommend it, be warned it’s got a lot of twists and emotional content, some anime’s tug at your heart strings but this one stretches them across a busy highway at rush hour

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