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9.17Week in Review (Sep 11-17)
9.24Week in Review (Sep 18-24)
9.28One More Brave Song
10.1Week in Review (Sep 25 – Oct 1)
10.8Week in Review (Oct 2 – 8)
10.25Angel Beats!! Epilogue Preview is Now Streaming
11.15Ebert Posts and Anime-Style Short
11.19NIS Licenses Working!! (or, Let’s Eat at Wagnaria!!)

1.10Boys II Men Cover Utada Hikaru’s “First Love”
4.18Rurouni Kenshin to Finally Be Completed?
5.13Any Excuse to Avoid a Shave: con-Jesus at Anime Boston 2011
11.8Madoka Magica Trilogy Coming to Theaters!

5.15FUNimation to Re-Release Haibane Renmei
9.4Haibane Renmei Available for Purchase Today!
9.26Saint Young Men to Be Adapted into Anime Film