Aniblogger Testimonies

As a sort-of second step of the Anime and Religion survey project,, I asked several participants in the survey (and others) to give “aniblogger testimonies.”  A relatively open-ended project, the guest-bloggers wrote about their personal faith (or lack thereof) and it’s impact on their viewing of anime.  The project is now closed, though I’ll gladly accept submissions for intermittent posts in the future.

Aniblogger Testimonies, Phase I (closed)

3.17Aniblogger Testimony Project
3.24Can Anime and Religion Coexist Peacefully? — Lauren Rae Orsini
3.31Confessions of a Middle-Aged Otaku: Discovering Christian Messages in Anime— R86
4.7Hard-Wired for Storytelling — Nikko Sylvester
4.14Faceplanting into Religion — Arianna
4.21Orthodoxy, Anime, & Me — Ed Sizemore
4.28I believe in ghosts, Buddhism, and science — Canne
5.5A religion of no religion — anonymous
5.12God’s Not Done With Me Yet…Or God, My Identity, and a Small Touch of Anime — Annalyn
5.19Called to Anime — Zeroe4
5.26Christian, Anime, Blogger — Michael Huang
6.2Mangaka on a Mission — Kokoro Hane
6.9You gotta have faith — Charles Dunbar
6.23Works righteousness — Tommy
6.30Aniblogger Testimony Wrap-Up

Aniblogger Testimonies, Phase II (open)

7.14Anime helped me become an atheist — Ashita
8.11Why Am I Catholic? — Renato Barros Ezquerro

1.4Dressing down while dressing up: on being a Muslim anime fan and a one-time cosplayer — Hana
6.21Familiarity with Faith – Where I Connect with Anime — Sweetpea

Although the main phrase of the project has wrapped up, I’m always open to additional posts.  If you are an aniblogger and are interested in joining in this aniblogger testimonial project, please email me.  You’re also welcome to contact me about further details regarding the survey.

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