Aniblogger Testimony

TWWK scoured the Internet, finding various anibloggers to share how anime impacted their faith, Christian or not.

Anime Today

Japes investigates Christian themes found in current running anime.

Between the Panels

Manga isn’t exactly the first place people think to look for spiritual thought, but that’s exactly where CutsceneAddict goes!

Examining Old School Anime

Medieval Otaku explores the deeper spiritual and religious themes found in one of the most intriguing eras of anime history: the 80s.

Fact Check

TWWK periodically looks at the claims of anime characters and compares them to what’s told in scripture.

Gaming with God

Samuru stretches otaku to look past merely written or visual media, and to look at something even more interactive: Japanese video games.

Invisible God

TWWK makes finds allusions, intentionally or otherwise, between anime characters and biblical counterparts.

Of Kami and Buddhas

TWWK shares be-weekly about the mysteries of Japanese religion and faith.

Light Invades Darkness

Zeroe4 recounts his experiences with YWAM’s (Youth with a Mission) Discipleship Training School in Japan.

The Tangles Podcast

On the last Thursday of every Month, JP and Sean discuss different elements of the otaku world as they relate to Christian spirituality.

Throwback Thursdays

Zeroe4 revisits anime from yesteryear, looking at characters, themes, and other elements that make these shows worth a second look.

Yuki-Anne in Japan

A European-American missionary in Japan shares her experiences in the country.