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You’ve read our articles! You’ve followed our social media! Well, good news, because it doesn’t have to stop there…

Welcome to our very own podcast entitled The Tangles! As an extension of our blog, The Tangles is another branch to help us achieve our goal of creating a meeting point between anime (along with all connected forms of media) and Christian spirituality. We hope that this will help to continue to foster an open community where Christians and non-Christians alike can engage in conversation about anime, manga, and belief.

The Tangles updates on the last Thursday of every month, and features JP (Japes/Japesland) and Sean Elfers as co-hosts, with a different guest speaker every episode.

In our Announcements section, we update you on all that is new on our blog.  In Otaku Diet, the hosts and guest discuss the media they’re currently partaking off that is related to otaku culture.  In the Discussion segment, we chat about a recent anime-related article or topic.  And finally, we also include Listener Mail, in which we answer your questions.

Feel free to stream the episodes through the episode links below, subscribe on iTunes, or check out our RSS feed.  Also, be sure to email us with any questions you would like included in our “Listener Mail” portion, including the name you would like stated in the podcast and your website or blog for us to share!



  • Episode 1 (8/28) – JP, Charles, and Lauren chat about Otakon 2014 and geek journalism
  • Episode 2 (9/25) – JP, Kaze, and Annalyn share their experience with “otaku introversion”
  • Episode 3 (10/30) – JP, R86 join the Reverse Thieves, Alain and Kate, to talk sports anime
  • Episode 4 (11/27) – JP, Charles, and Marina chat about anime with profound impact.
  • Episode 5 (12/25) – JP, Charles, and Frank discuss notable Christmas anime.


  • Episode 6 (1/29) – JP and Sean talk about what makes an animation and “a philosophy of action.”
  • Episode 7 (2/26) – JP, Sean, and Tek7 discuss humanism in Japanese games.
  • Episode 8 (3/26) – JP, Sean, Kaze, and Aspirety converse on adult content in visual novels.
  • Episode 9 (4/30) – JP, Sean, Charles, and Alex answer questions about anime and religion/atheism.
  • Episode 10 (5/28) – JP gives his impressions of Japan while walking through the mountains of Kanazawa.
  • Episode 11 (6/25) – Charles interviews JP with questions about Japan from Tangles listeners and readers.
  • Episode 12 (7/30) – JP, Kaze, R86, and Zeroe4 discuss their unique experiences in Japan.
  • Episode 13 (8/27) – *New Format* Interview: Lauren, Otaku Journalist; The Year in Review.
  • Episode 14 (9/24) – Interview: Tommy, Anime Bowl; The Intersection of Interests and Anime.
  • Episode 15 (10/29) – Interview: Casey Covel, Beneath the Tangles; Cosplay, Conventions, and Christ.
  • Episode 16 (11/26) – Interview: Tony Yao, Manga Therapy; Anime and Psychology.
  • Episode 17 (12/31) – Christmas/New Year’s Episode.

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