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Light Invades Darkness: The Search For Hope

I just recently arrived in Tokyo after going to the Tohoku Prefecture for a week and a half with the organization International Hi-B.A. as part of their Gospel Team ministry. Hi-B.A. stand for Highschool Born-Againers, and is an organization that allows high schoolers to meet together and share their faith. Gospel Team (GT) is a ministry that is run by Hi.B.A. every year for two weeks in which Hi-B.A. students and staff are split into teams and sent out around Japan to minister to high school students. YWAM Tokyo partners with Hi-B.A., so all DTS students were placed on teams with high school students.

My team was sent to Tohoku after we finished three days of training camp in Chiba. Our team traveled for eight hours by van to Tagajo, which is right out side of Sendai. We stayed there for three nights as we did manual labor in Ishinomaki during the day. We worked on people’s houses. We shoveled and moved hedoro (contaminated dirt which in our case was full of petroleum and lime from the tsunami) out from under houses, so renovations could start. We also helped with bleaching the inside of the houses to kill mold and pulling up floors, in order to prepare the houses for renovations. Then, we held a barbecue at the end of the last day for the entire neighborhood. Many people showed up and we had a wonderful time meeting everyone. Read the rest of this entry

Light Invades Darkness – Japan: Life In Tokyo

Being here in Japan is amazing. I have said this so many times. Living here is almost surreal. I can say that Japan is very different from my home in Alaska. I have also changed a significant amount: my relationship with God is so much closer, I have learned to love other people more, and I am learning how to war against the enemy. When I say war, I mean spiritual warfare. Most of the battle takes place internally.

DTS is one of the most intense activities that I have been apart of. Here, there is a constant challenge and opportunity to go deeper in our relationships with God and with each other. For example: I am living in the same house with nine guys, we are constantly in situations that challenge and strengthen our faith, we spend much of our time investing in getting to know God and investing time and support to the local church.

One of my personal favourite activities is called one-on-ones. This is basically where a staff member and a student hangout once a week. Every student has a staff one-on-one. Sometimes, a different staff member will hangout with a student for an unofficial one-on-one. My one-on-one is a wonderful person, who like me is very artistic, adventurous, and a total romantic. We go different places every week. We have walked around, gone to Denny’s, gone to coffee, hung out near a river, and even went to an island in Tokyo Harbor, at Toyosu Station. Not sure where I am taking him next week, though. Read the rest of this entry

Light Invades Darkness – Japan: The Long Road

Fallen sakura blossoms on a path.

Being in Tokyo is the sort of experience I have only been able to dream about till now. I have wanted to come here since I was a little kid. I am reminded of a wonderful quote from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings,

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

This entire quote sums up where I feel like I am at. I stepped out onto the road with a purpose, but everything is trying to pull me off. Like a divine game of tug-of-war, I am standing in the middle deciding which voice I want to follow. The road goes on, but it goes through sad places and places of hurt. There are many places to turn back. There are many places to hide and remain stagnant. The simplest way to say this is: this is impossible. I am to weak to do any of this on my own. This means that when I reach some place amazing, all the glory will belong to God. I follow the God who makes the impossible reality. This is not easy to live out, though. I believe that God will do all of the course correction, because he is good. I need to focus on him and what he says in order to find myself heading in the direction that he wants me to go to. Like Abram (aka Abraham), we are all called to a place (metaphorical) that we don’t know of yet. If you don’t believe me, ask God. However, if he tells you something, you will be held responsible for that call, like Jonah and all the prophets of the Old Testament. If you don’t believe that God is real, ask him if he is.

Anyway, I wanted to show you guys some more photos. I took all these photos while going for a walk along the Edogawa River. The scenery was very beautiful. Read the rest of this entry

Light Invades Darkness – Japan: The Start of My Journey

Hello everyone. I am writing this blog post at a Pause Cafe in Ikebukero, Tokyo. I am in Tokyo as part of a Discipleship Training School (DTS) run by Youth With A Mission (YWAM.)

I left Anchorage, Alaska on the morning of the 29th of March. I flew to SEA/TAC (Seattle Tacoma International Airport). Then I flew to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). After a night in LA, I flew for twelve hours to Narita Tokyo International Airport. Then I took a two and a half hour train ride to Edogawabashi Station, which is the closest station to our house. Our house is definitely an example of missionary living, ten guys, one house, one bathroom, and one awesome God holding things together. All of us here have gone through some radical transformation in our hearts. One of the girls broke her foot last week, and God healed all the bones in three days. Read the rest of this entry


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