Plugging Into Beneath the Tangles

Our vision at Beneath the Tangles is not simply to provide anime and Christian faith-oriented content, but also to create a meaningful and transformative community. Whether it’s by engaging audiences with our platforms, conducting weekly small group meetings, meeting with you at anime conventions, or through a variety of other ways, we want to take our relationship with our readers and subscribers to a level deeper than what you might experience with more traditional anime sites and blogs.

To that end, we invite you to drop designations like “follower” or “fan” and really come to invest in what we do. We want you to be excited by Beneath the Tangles and sold out for our purpose and mission.

One way to do that is by joining our community.

By becoming active on our Discord server, praying for us through our prayer teams, supporting our work financially, and following and engaging with our many platforms, you become a very part of Beneath the Tangles. And we’re glad to have you do so!

You can also go further by volunteering alongside us. One small step toward doing this is by submitting a guest post. We are currently open to and accepting pitches.

If you feel compelled or led to becoming an even more vital part of Beneath the Tangles, please consider applying for one of our staff openings. These are all volunteer opportunities, roles in which you can serve and work beside us to accomplish our mission.

Feel free to reach out through any of our platforms if you have questions! We’re eager to assist and to help you get more involved with us.