Joining Our Community

Beneath the Tangles is more than a website or social media brand—it’s a community of anime fans who gather together in this sphere to share a passion for anime and engage in our mission. Our hope is that when visitors come to this website or any of our other platforms, they’re just beginning their journey into our ministry.

We hope that you’ll be actively involved in what we’re doing here day in and day out. To that end, there are a variety of ways to become active in our community:

Join our Discord Server

The most obvious place of community at Beneath the Tangles is our Discord server. There, members and staff interact in fun and often meaningful and profound ways as we chat about anime and manga, gaming, life, faith, and other topics.

Our server also features a small group through which members meet live on a weekly basis to study scripture and share about their lives. It’s a smaller, intentional group of anime fans within our broader community.

We encourage you to join our server (email us for a link!) and consider checking out the small group as well.

Pray through our Prayer Teams

Over and over in scripture, God demonstrates to us that He works through prayer. Like many of us, you may have experienced the same in your own life. We desire for this ministry to be bathed in prayer, and we do that intentionally through prayer groups.

You can join any of platforms below to receive daily prayer topics:

Support us Financially

While our entire team is volunteer, there are still costs associated with running this ministry, including those related to website upkeep and content development. Our financial supporters contribute greatly to our work by paying for those needs. They also help us promote the ministry, drawing in new viewers and readers to Beneath the Tangles.

Our community of financial supporters send us funds in a variety of ways, including through:

Patreon and Instagram contributors additionally receive unique content that helps you feel even more a part of what we do. Your gift can be from as little as $1. Donations can be one-time or monthly in occurrence.

We’re grateful to you however you’re able to donate and at whatever amount!

Apply to Become a Staff Member

Are you interested in becoming part of the very team that’s developing this community? Our staff members themselves are part of a small community on Beneath the Tangles, supporting and encouraging each other as we work on this site. It’s a great group to be a part of!

We’re always looking for new volunteers to help us deepen and expand our work here on Beneath the Tangles. We believe in matching up one’s talents, skills, and passions in ways that make sense for the ministry.

We’re currently looking for volunteers to fit into these specific roles. Don’t quite fit into any of those position but still have a passion for what we do and a skillset that you think might be handy? Just reach out to us to discuss, and we can talk and pray about whether you’d be a good fit for some yet-unnamed position.

Follow and Engage with our Platforms

Being a member of this community doesn’t mean having to take any of the steps above. By simply following and interacting with us, you become a valuable part of what we do.

Further, by liking our posts, reposting our content, and following us, you help our staff spread the word about Beneath the Tangles!

Please follow and engage with us on our social media platforms:

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We look forward to getting to learn more about you and to you getting more intimate with us. Thank you for being a part of our ministry. We are blessed by your presence and help!