Serial Experiments Lain Revisited: Episode 04

Serial Experiments Lain famously delves into topics like communication, technology, and social constructs, and we’ve seen all those expressed in the first few episodes. But as we continue our dive into Lain for the show’s twentieth anniversary, we’ve hit an episode with another theme that hasn’t yet been explored, and a title that matches. Episode… Read More Serial Experiments Lain Revisited: Episode 04

Restful Anime

I like cute kitty anime. There, I said it. I’ve watched most of Chi’s Sweet Home and Chi’s Sweet Adventure with my kids as well as Mitchiri Neko and Bananya. Also, Nyanbo. And…you get the idea. Each of them are generally short form anime and each of them are relatively calming. They’re not trying to push a… Read More Restful Anime