Second Impression: Caligula

Second Impression: Caligula | Beneath the Tangles

On Saturday, I wrote about my experience at the CALIGULA premiere at Sakura-Con. Now that I've had a chance to rewatch it on Crunchyroll, I'd like to expand on my thoughts, "First Impression" style. As per the descriptions floating around, Caligula (aka The Caligula Effect) involves a virtual idol named μ, or "Myu," who is trapping people in a city… Continue reading Second Impression: Caligula

Caligula World Premiere at Sakura-Con 2018

CALIGULA, a new anime by Satelight, airs tomorrow, April 8, 2018. But those of us who attended Sakura-Con had a chance to watch the pilot on March 30, alongside voice actor Sawashiro Chiharu and producer Matsuoka Takanori. This was followed up with a Q&A with Sawashiro and Matsuoka. I must preface this post by saying these events… Continue reading Caligula World Premiere at Sakura-Con 2018