Fanart Friday, Too: Seasonal Kessoku

Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. Four seasons for the four ladies of Kessoku Band of acclaimed series, Bocchi the Rock, which just happened to advance to the sweet 16 of AniMarch Madness tournament. But first, here they are each matched to a season and fashion! ★ 【T.K.C】 「 ぼっち・ざ・ろっくデートシリーズ 」 ☆

Fanart Friday, Too: Kessoku Band, Stand

The girls each look amazing in this series of illustrations with their headphones on, balancing on various items related to their instruments or personas, but even more striking to me is the depth in the setting for each drawing. Incredible stuff! ★ 【JLT4n】「 Bocchi / Ryou / Nijika / Kita 」 ☆

Fanart Friday, Too: Casual Kessoku

Kessoku goes casual? Check out these lovely illustrations of Bocchi, Ryou, Nijika, and Kita out and about. They subtly (and in Ryou’s case, not-so-subtly) capture the girls’ personalities. Who’s your favorite band member? ★ 【pigo ne】「 bocchi // yamada // ijichi // kita 」 ☆