The Gospel of Rem

I was promised an epic character arc. What I got was so much more: humor, charm, and a visceral depiction of spiritual warfare—of the battlefield of the mind, the cunning strategies of the enemy, and the agape love that interrupts the downward spiral of shame and self-condemnation. Yep, I’m talking about Season 1 of Re:Zero,… Read More The Gospel of Rem

Annalyn’s Corner: Are You a “Self-Proclaimed Knight”?

I’m four episodes behind on Re:Zero, partially because I started it so late, but mostly because the main character, Subaru, is unlikeable, and I have very little motivation to keep watching. Maybe he does eventually improve. But at this point, it’s really hard not to hold his actions from the first eighteen episodes against him (he wasn’t too… Read More Annalyn’s Corner: Are You a “Self-Proclaimed Knight”?