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Inari Konkon Koi Iroha and Accepting Who You Are

Digging deep (but not too deep!) into my past, I remember wanting to be like someone else constantly. Because to me, I was dorky, not pretty, and not interesting at all. It was not that I wanted to be like a particular someone, but more like “popular like this inariperson”, “friendly like that person”, or “have red hair so the guy I like will like me back”, etc.

Granted, while this is more of a teenager problem, I think it can still haunt some of us older people who try to call ourselves grown-ups.

In Inari Konkon Koi Iroha, which finished early this past week (and I’m glad I was encouraged to stick with it), Inari struggled with accepting herself as she was. She wanted to be someone else. So thus, she wished to change. And while we in the real world can’t wish away our own appearances, her wish actually came true! But it had disastrous consequences that caused more trouble than it was worth. And even when Inari had the power to change into any person she wished, all her problems were still very far from being solved.

In the end, her answer was staring her right in the face, she just had to see it.

What was her answer? Accepting herself like she accepts others. Inari was always willing to look for the best in everyone but herself. And while the power she was given didn’t make her life any better, it did help her see the big picture and gain confidence in being herself and no one else.

For a short series of 10 episodes, Inari Konkon was a heart warming and fun story. And while it’s something most of us hear all the time, it’s always good to be reminded that it’s okay that you are you.

You are you and that’s awesome.

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Oreimo, Season 2, Episode 02: Love Plus…Nothing

After last week’s episode of Oreimo, where I continued to emphasize my disappointment with the show, I was advised that I should quit “torturing” myself – that I should drop it.  But despite all my issues with the series, there’s one particular thing that keeps bringing me back – I really like most of the characters on this show.  This week’s episode focused on Ayase – one of the show’s most surprising characters.  She really cracks me up.

Ayase Oreimo

Art by 松竜

Ayase, who like Kirino, fronts with a “perfect girl” vibe, quickly becomes jealous when her best friend is more eager to spend time with her video game girlfriend than with her.  In turn, Kyousuke tells Ayase that she should be like the Love Plus Love Touch girl, spouting similar lines in similar ways.

Of course, Kirino finds this…creepy.  And in the end, despite Ayase’s breakdown, this is exactly the answer she wants, isn’t it?  Kirino is telling her – don’t be like this other (digital) girl – be yourself.  I love you as you.

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