One Week Left in Our Spring Drive!

It's the second and final week of our Patreon Drive—thank you to those partnering with us financially! Through your funds we're able to bring you a variety of posts here on the blog and are able to grow our other platforms. Beneath the Tangles started as a blog only, but in recent years, has achieved… Continue reading One Week Left in Our Spring Drive!

Spring Drive: Support Beneath the Tangles and Win Re:ZERO Swag

Although we've grown by leaps and bounds, especially via social media, Beneath the Tangles remains a close-knit community, consisting of our group of committed writers and staff, loyal followers, and  patrons, who help drive so many of the activities we do with our accounts. Without our patrons, we wouldn't be able to grow our accounts… Continue reading Spring Drive: Support Beneath the Tangles and Win Re:ZERO Swag

Join Us Live for Our Anime Draft!

Hey, otaku! As I'm sure you know, a week from today the NFL kicks off the opening day of its annual draft, in which college players from around the country are selected to play professional football. I'm kidding of course—I know that you had no idea that it was next week. Most of you probably… Continue reading Join Us Live for Our Anime Draft!

Win a Rem Figure and Re:Zero Light Novels as Our Patreon Drive Begins!

Starting today and running through Friday, April 20th, we'll be having our Spring 2018 Patreon Drive. I'm really excited about it, not only because it offers us a chance to partner with you, but because I've picked out some really cool prizes that new patrons can win if you join us during the next two… Continue reading Win a Rem Figure and Re:Zero Light Novels as Our Patreon Drive Begins!

First Impressions: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

sousuke and kaname

After securing Kaname Chidori's safety and deciding to stay in his position as her bodyguard, Sousuke Sagara continues to try to live out a normal high school existence. However, off another defeat at the hands of Sousuke and Mithril, Amalgam has decided to become more aggressive in both its fight against the anti-terrorist organization and… Continue reading First Impressions: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

Interview with Mirei and Dancing Dolls R

While anime conventions and anime blogging seem to be two neighbors on the same street, they're  drastically different culturally (though perhaps not unrelated on a spiritual level). Conventions are a brand new world for many of us, including myself and Annalyn, who recently attended her first con. But that's an awesome thing for this blog,… Continue reading Interview with Mirei and Dancing Dolls R

First Impressions: Steins;gate 0

What if Okabe abandoned his mad scientist alter-ego and became a normie? What if he ditched the lab coat for stylish black clothing, joined his university's tennis club, and went out on group dates, leaving the Future Gadgets Lab behind? What if Okabe remained on the Beta world line and never saved Kurisu after all?… Continue reading First Impressions: Steins;gate 0

And Our Next Light Novel Club Selection Is…

Walking My Second Path in Life! Never heard of it? Well, the franchise doesn't have an anime and it doesn't have an English publication in book form. But what it does have is an interesting premise (taken from J-Novel Club): Fie, first princess of Daeman, finds herself isolated and stranded in the foreign Kingdom of… Continue reading And Our Next Light Novel Club Selection Is…

First Impressions: Golden Kamuy

Following service during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), Saichi Sugimoto, known far and wide as "Immortal Sugimoto" for his ability to survive despite a tenacious fighting style and injuries suffered during battle, is seeking gold in Hokkaido to fulfill a promise to care for his best friend's widow and son. In the midst of doing so,… Continue reading First Impressions: Golden Kamuy