Cosplay Conversations #1: Knowing Your Character

Anime conventions are a singularly unique type of event. At once a celebration, meet-up, training session, marketing tool, and pilgrimage, cons are perhaps the prime occasion through which this generation of anime fan expresses its fandom, with many choosing to do so through cosplay. I’ve never participated, but I feel an affinity toward cosplayers. We… Read More Cosplay Conversations #1: Knowing Your Character

Light Novel Kindling: Is a VRMMO Future a Good Thing?

Infinite Dendrogram, our current light novel club selection, begins with a current state of affairs in that world and the fictional chronicling of how VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online) games and in particular, the titular VRMMO, developed: July 15, 2043. On this date, the VRMMO Infinite Dendrogram was released around the world. It had… Read More Light Novel Kindling: Is a VRMMO Future a Good Thing?

Serial Experiments Lain Revisited: Episode 07

The creators of Serial Experiments Lain aren’t satisfied with conveying an image of what lay ahead in the near future—instead, they take themes that are deep, though not entirely unique, presenting them in a way that’s hypnotic and subtle. They’re weaving together a tale of blending realities. In this “present day, present time,” there’s no… Read More Serial Experiments Lain Revisited: Episode 07