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50% of Anime Marriages End in Divorce

Even though the breakup rates among anime couples are notoriously high, like a Disney fairytale, we still expect that once our couples have overcome adversity, they will settle down and live a happily-ever-after marriage.  But life isn’t always so easy (see Clannad’s possible future and Suzuka as examples).  For many years, it’s been quoted that around 50% of marriages in America end in divorce.  And although this statistic may be a little off, the emphasis remains true: marriage isn’t always, or even often, successful.  In Japan, the rate is better, but is still at about 27%, and doubled in the last quarter of the 20th century.

So how will some of our favorite anime couples fare?  Using the 50% statistic because, well, why not, let’s look at four of my favorite pairings (be warned, there are spoilers – fake and otherwise – for Love Hina, Kimagure Orange Road, Toradora!, and Clannad): Read the rest of this entry


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