Guilty Crown Episode 3 – Shu Is Too Nice

Episode 3: “Void Sampling”

No Shu, this is not a dream.

The bullet is dodged when everyone recognizes Inori from the musical group Egoist, and Shu doesn’t have to explain the real reason he was shocked to see her at his school.

Shu, of course, is convinced that Inori coming to his school has something to do with him. And he’d be right. You all saw this one coming, right?

In his apartment, Shu is greeted by Funell and Inori.

Inori somehow was able to move into Shu and his mom’s apartment, and will most likely be living here for the rest of the show.

And the plot thickens as we find out Shu’s mom is Dr. Ouma for the GHQ.

Each GC episode gives us so much information it’s hard to cover it all fully, but for the time being, there’s this drug called Norma Gene which is a persona changing genetic drug that kids are into these days. (off topic – see: Marilyn Monroe).

And since Daryl is apparently down for the count, we got a new, crazy, handsome guy put in charge of finding Shu, Major Segai.

Check out that cell phone charm.

Meanwhile, Yahiro, Shu’s classmate and overall nice guy, comes to Shu’s house to drop off a horror film the two had been talking about earlier.

We've seen this guy before at school, but he's a bit boring, to be honest.

He comes at a conveniently odd time since Inori rushes out the door with Funell and tells Shu to follow her.

Then we see Gai in a suit.

The classy terrorist.

And we find out what I guessed all along.

But more to the trouble at hand – apparently someone outside of the fort (the people they were saving, fyi) witnessed the battle yesterday. And Gai can’t deal with it since it’s a student from Shu’s school. Thus, Shu is put in charge of finding this guy/girl by their Void.  Gai tells Inori the shape of the void, but neglects to mention it to Shu.

What’s Shu’s motivation to do this? Gai pretty much tells him terrorists get no rights and so Shu is basically screwed if this witness identifies him.

So, find the witness by their void. This doesn’t sound hard at all.

Let's do this!

After a mishap, involving a girl’s chest and failure to draw out the void, and figuring out the basic rules (the rules involve something about subjects not being over 17, people forgetting stuff that goes on while they are void-less, and you have to make eye contact, or make them think that you are), Shu finally starts getting the hang of this.

As Shu rushes up to pull voids out of people, he always says "pardon me". Such the gentleman.
Voids come in various shapes and sizes.

Though, he doesn’t really get anywhere doing random hits on people.

But a stroke of luck hits Shu and Inori when they run into Yahiro again. It’s like this guy is someone super important or somethi-

Now, how would he know that?

Oh, snap. Well, despite the fact I saw this coming, I didn’t see the next part coming.

Shu reveals the identity of Yahiro which leads to an interesting and revealing conversation.

“It’s because of guys like you that I have to pretend to be somebody I’m not”.

But long story short, Shu pulls the void from him, which is a pair of shears. Yet, just as Inori is going to shoot Yahiro, Shu stops her and insists on reasoning with him, which, actually works.

Agreement made over cans of Dr. Ginger.

Hey guys, maybe this is a show about the powers of friendship!

Oh wait.

Yahiro pushes Shu out of the train and lets the doors close behind him.
And this is what is waiting for Shu off the train.
Oh no, not this guy! He has the same creepy eyes as Daryl.

Never mind. Tune in next week to see Shu have more bad luck and betrayal.

The scene where Shu reveals Yahiro as the witness and Inori threatens to shoot him definitely stands out in this episode. Why does Shu want to give the guy who just blamed him for his life’s troubles a second chance? Why not just get rid of him? I think this is what makes Shu interesting, he’s a nice guy and he lives in a world full of cruel people. He doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but still doesn’t want to see anyone die. In fact, as crazy as it sounds, he doesn’t want to lose the façade that Yahiro has formed already (the nice façade).

I’ll leave that simply as a side thought of digging probably deeper than need be into this series, but this ending did certainly have me on the edge of my seat. Many characters in the show seems to dislike Shu for some reason or another even though, while naive, he hasn’t done anything wrong to anyone. That alone makes me want to root for him.


5 thoughts on “Guilty Crown Episode 3 – Shu Is Too Nice

    1. He’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch, is he? XD Shu is not very good at adapting to his new situation, it seems. He tries to act the way a hero would (saving his enemy), but ends up getting shot in the back.

  1. I can completely relate to Shuu as a character; it is almost painful. Shuu shares the same personality that I lived with for most of my life. I assume, that like myself, Shuu is completely ruled by his fear. I can honestly say that for a very long time, I would over look or hide from things out of fear of the consequences. I am really glad that Shuu let his “friend” live. Ijust hope Shuu’s character will be able to handle the situation he has created. I can’t wait to see how he changes, if he does.

    Thanks for another great post Goldy.

    1. And thank you for always leaving a thoughtful comment. ^_^

      Shuu makes mistakes and that’s one of the things I like about him. He lives in a world where you either fade into the background, or you get pounded down. Now, he’s been put into a situation where he’s a terrorist against an enemy that has done nothing to harm him before this point. Yet, he has no idea how to not be afraid. And by trying to be “un-terrorist like” and let Yahiro live, that ultimately dragged him deeper into being labeled as a terrorist.

      I hope Shuu will be able to handle what’s ahead as well.

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