The 1st Day of Christmas Anime: K-On!

I still haven’t finished the series of K-On!, but the Christmas episode will always hold a very special place in my heart.  Episode 7 of K-On! is the first Christmas themed episode that I saw around Christmas time.  Not only was it based around the holiday season of cheer and happiness, but it also gave me quite a lot of food for thought.

K on christmas I hope christmas will be fun again this year
Have you ever had an anime or an episode just hit you pretty close to your own life? I tend to like anime that I can relate back to my own life, but this one came so close in a way I never expected; it really shocked me.

The K-on! Christmas episode takes a small break from the daily activities of the Light Music club and takes us to the household of Yui Hirasawa and her younger sister Ui.

k on christmas sisters
Yui (left) and Ui (right)

The story is told mainly from the point of view of Ui, which definitely connected with me, a fellow younger sister. Not only that, but I also happen to have a happy-go-lucky musician of an older sister (pianist instead of guitarist).

hard working sistergoofy big sisterthis might be a tragedy in the making
Like Yui and Ui, my sister and I get along rather well together. I often feel blessed at how well we do get along despite having such contrasting personalities. Though the more we both grow up, the less time we get to spend with one another.

But we can both appreciate the festivities of Christmas and often make it a time when we both can spend time with each other.

This episode of K-on! is not necessarily deep or thoughtful, but it captures an obvious element of the holidays, fellowship with family and friends. From having a Christmas party to doing a gift exchange. These are means to the end of spending time with friends and family and not having to stress about life for one time out of the year.

friends around the table
Even the Light Music Club’s adviser gets to relax and have fun with them! Er, sort of, even while trying to get over the sorrow of not having a boyfriend this year.

k on christmas sensei
But this story goes a bit further beyond having fun together and gives us a view of two sisters understanding of each other.

It wouldn’t be too far off to say my sister is pretty much like Yui. Happy go lucky, a bit oblivious, but always fairly cheerful and positive about everything she does. Except cleaning the house, of course.

Though, while I’m not exactly a shining example of a responsible and timely person (just ask Charles, who has to deal with my terrible procrastination in writing posts for BtT), compared with my sister, I appear more studious and responsible as I fulfill any task I’m put up to, especially preparing for a party. And I can cook. My sister does sometimes try to help me with cooking, but…

k on christmas cooking trouble
Truthfully, it warmed my heart to the scenes between the two sisters Yui and Ui because it reminded me so much of me and my sister.

Though, my sister has never tried to give me the White Christmas I’ve always longed for (like Yui did for Ui when they were little. It involved pillow stuffing), but she still somehow knows exactly what kind of gift to give me on Christmas morning every year.
two sisters with gifts

Even in the midst of all the stress that comes along with the holidays, K-on! encourages us to slow down, have some fun, and reflect on the blessings we have in our friends and family. Make sure to take some time and enjoy the season instead of stressing over it. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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