12 Days of Christmas Anime, Day 10: Full Moon o Sagashite

The Christmas episode of Full Moon o Sagashite is not really the most interesting one on the list. In fact, it’s rather boring and mundane. Mitsuki plans a Christmas party for her friends and classmates, and prepares Christmas presents. Despite the fact that Takuto and Meroko, Mitsuki’s friends, are both Shinigami, no comment is made about the spiritual significance of Christmas, which isn’t really surprising. Unlike the manga, the anime of Full Moon o Sagashite always seemed to keep things more lighthearted most of the time.

Full Moon o Sagashite Christmas
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There is an emphasis on happiness, and the episode includes some cameos of minor characters enjoying Christmas. As is typical for a Christmas episode, there is also a romance theme, and the show seizes this opportunity to a tie up a loose relationship thread with a confession between two of Mitsuki’s classmates during her Christmas Party. Meroko also confesses to Takuto for the 53rd time (Since they met, not during the anime, thank goodness) and he decides to be kinder to her this time around by acknowledging her feelings rather than ignoring them.

But among all this rather cliché fare, there is one part that stands out, though it’s not given much screen time. During Mitsuki’s preparations for Christmas, she knits her Grandmother a shawl as a present. Mitsuki and her Grandmother don’t exactly have the best relationship: Her grandmother is cold and traditional, and strongly disapproves of Mitsuki’s passion for singing for various reasons. But despite these misgivings between them, Mitsuki works hard to make the shawl, and hopes that her Grandmother will be pleased with her gift. Instead of giving it to her in person, she chooses to leave it outside her door with a note after asking permission to spend the evening with her friends. Later, Mitsuki’s Grandmother is shown sitting with the shawl beside her. Though the exchange is short, it holds much more weight than the cheerful Christmas scenes and foreshadows the eventual reconciliation between the two. Although any parallel is unintended, it definitely evokes one of the reasons that Jesus came to earth: To recouncile God and humanity, and to bridge the coldness and separation that came between us after the Fall.

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