The Tangles Anime Podcast: Episode 3

For our third episode, we are thrilled to have the Reverse Thieves, Alain and Kate, as our esteemed guests (that’s right, two guests in one episode!), along with R86/Jack as co-host. Though our normal show length is an hour, this particular episode is filled to the brim with extra content and a blooper reel at the end for your enjoyment. During the length of the episode we will be discussing our personal beliefs, current-running anime, sports anime, and plenty more!

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Time Stamps:
Intro – 0:00
Announcements – 12:55
Otaku Diet – 13:31
Current Article/Discussion – 36:47
Listener Mail – 1:10:19
Closer – 1:18:24
Bloopers – 1:19:12

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Beneath the Tangles » TangleCast
Beneath the Tangles » TangleCast
The Tangles Anime Podcast: Episode 3

17 thoughts on “The Tangles Anime Podcast: Episode 3

  1. I’m very happy to hear that my influential anime post prompted you to watch Bartender, which is a phenomenal anime and one I actually watch from time to time when I feel down. If you’re interested in more characterization of Ryuu, you should give the live action a try–it actually does follow his personal storyline a bit.

    I loved listening to both of you and the guests regarding this fall season and other sports anime. I’m watching upwards of 20 shows right now, mostly airing, and feel overwhelmed! As a note, one of my favorite sports anime is Cross Game 🙂 beautifully shaped characters and a surprising love story make baseball so much more inspiring than I would’ve previously thought.

    1. I’m glad I was influenced by it! You have impeccable taste! I’ll have to give the Bartender live action a try some time…

      Thanks for listening! Sorry I can’t contribute more in the realm of sports anime, haha…

  2. Wow Bartender! I saw the entire anime, and to be honest, I almost forgot I watched it…I’ve seen too many animes…has that happened to you guys? You have to like, write down all the ones you’ve seen?

    But yeah, I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but thanks for mentioning that anime, I have to go rewatch it. Also, Victorian Romance Emma is another good one, have you guys watched that one? I saw both seasons…I enjoyed it.

      1. Never heard of this one…is it better than other anime lists? I’ve tried another one but it was too difficult to manipulate. Will try out Hummingbird, thanks! I need this, I’m sure I will start remembering other animes, there are too many 🙁

        1. Hummingbird’s has a nice, clean setup. I think it’s more contemporary in it’s design than either MAL or Anime Planet, and for me that makes it a little more unwieldy, but others will embrace that.

          1. Yeah I appreciate the more modern look, which is why I am going to stick with that one. I’m not a fan of MAL…looks too plain for me, I just wanted something simple and clean (Kingdom Hearts reference).

  3. You’re giivvving meee….Too maaanny things…Butlately! You’re allll I—

    *Is promptly shot to save us all* v__v

  4. Finally, I have time to listen to this! I enjoyed hearing from Alain and Kate—Charles/TWWK prompted me to participate in the Secret Santa recommendations. I had to put off even looking at my recommendations until Christmas break began, just like I had to put off listening to this podcast. But I’m watching something I wouldn’t normally pick up, which is kinda fun.

    R86, I appreciate hearing another sports anime fan say that Free! was unwatchable. I manage to watch it, but… ugh. I’ll eventually get around to the more recent, supposedly better season. I also persevered through Yowapeda. Of course, I’m waaaay behind on the more recent season, but I’m way behind on most things. Also, Major is on my anime bucket list. Someday, I hope to watch it… someday.

    Kate: Yes! I really like Initial D! I was hoping Fifth Stage would be licensed in the U.S., but I’ve seen no sign of it. 🙁

    Alain, I’m glad you mentioned Slam Dunk. I tried it years ago, before I became a more dedicated sports anime fan, and I didn’t get very far. I need to try it again.

    Japes, you got me with your answer to the question about what anime you watch when you’re down. I haven’t seen any of those three dark anime, but I know about them. I wasn’t sure what to think of your answer at first. Good one. 🙂

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