Throwback Thursdays: Beneath The Tangles Writers Edition

In order to create diversity in opinions in this column, I frequently open the posts up to various guest writers and occasionally let you the readers decide what anime to review. This week we are trying something new. I opened the post to the Beneath The Tangles writers!!! And this week the post will be by the amazing Samuru. You have probably read his, “Gaming With God series.” Well now he is here to review the anime, “Slayers.” Enjoy – Zeroe4

When I first started watching anime in the 90s, my friends and I discovered an anime called Slayers. I had never watched an anime that was so funny, had memorable characters, complete silliness happening everywhere and the complete lack of regard for danger. While watching it, I would compare each of the four main characters (Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, Zelgaids Greywords and Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun) to three friends so it became fun to follow.

The series (5 seasons as of this writing) follows the misadventures of Lina Inverse, who is a red haired magician with enormous power. She doesn’t care about anything but gathering treasure and eating tons of food! Fighting thieves, pirates, monsters, dragons and other supernatural entities are common place for her and her rag-tag bunch. Now that might sound like every other action packed show, but what makes this one stands apart is the humor that goes along wherever they go. You truly get attached to each character and want to see them interact with each other and their enemies, because even during a life or death situation they are having a great time.20341l

Each season often begins with pointless quests to find ancient wealth or magic, on the way stumbling upon a plot that puts the entire world in crisis. Lisa and team are pushed to their limits to save the day, while at the same time trying to figure out their own purpose. That is one of the most entertaining aspects, seeing them workout their personal issues which many we can relate to. Personally, my favorite character was Zelgadis, who after becoming half golem constantly deals with the fact that he doesn’t look nor feel human, while being attracted to Amelia at the same time.

There are various scenes that get into fanservice, or some foul language scattered throughout, though they are few and far between. Megumi Hayashibara sang most of the vocal tracks for the series and did a fantastic job (I became a big fan of her music till this day because of it) and the animation is alright, though nothing to write home about.

I recommend this series if your looking for an anime that doesn’t take itself seriously and is about having fun, living the good life, adventure, powerful enemies and romance on the side. Not only will you feel that you know each character like a friend, you will want to know how they can overcome the odds and win. I’m disappointed that even though there are 5 seasons, certain plot points weren’t answered while…a certain couple never got hitched. Some episodes are slow or just filler, but when it starts picking up you won’t want to miss the next episode.

Let me know if you’ve seen this series and are a fan like myself, and whose your favorite character (or couple).

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